Conversational AI Website Visitor Assistant

An intelligent chatbot trained to turn website visitors into leads through efficient and personalized assistance and query resolution.

Chatbot Showcase: Witness the Power
of Conversational AI

Supercharging Website
Experience with GenAI

Conversational AI can help drive more leads from any website by giving visitors the information they need quickly, comprehensively, and in a human-like manner. 

Our aim was to create an intelligent chatbot powered by an LLM model, capable of showcasing relevant companies' services, and addressing visitors' queries right away, reducing the need for browsing.

ASK-A-BOT can be tailored to any business domain, perfectly aligning with clients' goals and needs.


ML, generative AI, conversational AI

Technologies and solutions used

React, Python, LangChain framework, OpenAI ChatGPT model, our Security and Compliance LLM framework for the chatbot testing.

In 2023, chatbots are expected to save businesses up to 2.5 billion hours of work! *

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Source: Juniper Research

AI-Powered Lead Generation and User Engagement

When we started our chatbot project, our goals included better interactions with our website audience, less work for our team, and fresh ways to share content. As we moved on, we achieved these and even found more benefits we hadn't expected.

Here's what we set out to do in the beginning:

  • Deliver seamless, round-the-clock information access and assistance in a human-like manner
  • Innovate the way we deliver content to our website visitors
  • Drive more user traffic to crucial website pages
  • Handle repetitive tasks automatically, allowing humans to focus on complex issues

Unleashing the Ask-a-Bot Superpowers

Akvelon’s AI chatbot is designed to serve, learn, adapt, and ensure the smoothest user interactions possible. Let's explore its superpowers further!

How Ask-a-Bot Operates

GenAI Chatbot's Game-Changing Business Results

The integration of our GenAI chatbot has boosted our website user experience

Here's a breakdown of the impact:

  • Automated query resolution that reduces the burden on live agents
  • Improved engagement with welcome messages from the chatbot
  • Effective automation through timely and relevant response messages
  • Improved website navigation with the chatbot assisting users to find what’s needed
  • Optimized informational support capacity with numerous concurrent chats handling
  • Scalability for high-volume user interactions, especially during peak traffic periods


increase in sales is brought by chatbots, according to business leaders *

* Source: Intercom survey

Ask-a-Bot surpasses the average response time for user queries by 2x!

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