Case Studies

Case Study: AI ArtDive 360

Business Need

While Akvelon’s AI ArtDive app proved to already be a hit with many users, Akvelon’s team wanted to go further than just using AI to transform ordinary user pictures into art – they sought to leverage AI to turn panoramas into beautiful and immersive VR experiences.

Their goal was to create visuals that immerse the viewer into a 360 degree panorama, modified into the artistic styles of famous painters, allowing users to feel as though they are traveling and viewing art at the same time. 

Akvelon’s Engagement

Akvelon successfully designed and implemented a framework, AI ArtDive 360, which leverages AI image processing techniques to make beautiful stylized panoramas. Currently, there are two painting styles of world-famous artists that can be applied to a panorama.  This allows users to feel as though they are moving through the scene, seeing their surroundings through the eyes of Van Gogh or Canaletto. 

At the core of AI ArtDive 360is CLIP-Guided Diffusion, which iteratively guides the diffusion and denoising process toward an image that closely matches a specified style. A few more mathematical processes allow us to apply styles directly to panoramas.

Benefits and Results

Akvelon successfully developed the AI ArtDive 360 framework, which leverages AI image processing techniques to transform panorama images into immersive, VR scenes that appear to have been hand-painted in various artistic styles.

After seeing the exciting results and potential use of this application, Akvelon’s AI and VR teams are currently using this technology in our other applications. One of them is a VR tour to famous places all over the world, allowing viewers to see them through the creative eyes of famous artists. 

Applying our 360-degree VR images in business lends to a more immersive experience for customers, unlike any other form of media, enabling them to grow engagement and stand out from the crowd.

Here are just some of the potential applications of this technology:

  • Advertising
  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • Gaming 
  • Tourism
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • And more

Products and technologies used

JavaScript, Razor Pages, Bootstrap, ASP.Net Core, .NET Core C#

Immerse in painterly VR. Take a look at our demo.“!