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Benefit from the many advantages of implementing an LLM into your business operations: complete cognitive tasks faster, manage paperwork easily, add a human touch to customer service, and reduce expenses.

Strategic LLM development consulting

Robust LLM customization
and fine-tuning

app development

deployment and maintenance

Implement LLMs for high operational efficiency and superb customer experience

Here’s how you can put large language models to use:

AI chatbots

Reduce load on customer support agents by using LLM-powered chatbots and virtual assistants capable of understanding the nuances of natural language and instantly generating human-like responses.

Textual data manipulation

Quickly analyze customer feedback to improve your services and track brand reputation through media monitoring. Evaluate treatment plans’ effectiveness based on summaries of patient records, make investment decisions faster using condensed versions of financial reports, and much more.

Information extraction

Automate the pulling of relevant information from unstructured data sources, like handwritten or scanned documents, images, tables, etc. Use obtained insights to optimize operations, streamline research, and make grounded decisions faster.

Translation at scale

Adapt content for international audiences in seconds using LLMs’ multilingual capability. High-quality translations between target languages can be achieved through models that are trained with parallel corpus.

Semantic file search

Avoid the limitations of keyword matching and find precisely the paperwork you need in documentation portals with LLM-powered search systems, which understand the meaning and context of search queries and documents’ content. Such solutions can also be implemented as chatbots for a smoother user experience.

Content generation

Drive sales and marketing efforts with AI-powered content creation: swiftly craft original copy by blending generated and self-written text, and speed up content repurposing while ensuring that your messaging is consistent across channels.

Check out some of our LLM projects

Medical documentation search chatbot

A HIPAA-compliant bot that enables a quick search through a documentation portal for patient records; the search is done in a question-answer manner.

Ask-a-Bot Chatbot

Our customizable and multilingual chatbot for round-the-clock customer assistance and lead generation.

Streamlined resume screening

Privacy-centered approach to CV screening and ranking, which involves semantic matching of resume content with vacancy requirements.

PTSD diagnosis and treatment chatbot

A chatbot conducts diagnostic conversations, refers users with high-risk behavior to helplines and medical staff, and searches for information about PTSD across trusted materials.

Make the most from investing in LLM and conversational AI with Akvelon's expert help

Choose from the full spectrum of LLM development, integration, and consulting services.


of office workers in Fortune 100 companies will use AI assistance for higher productivity and better quality of work by 2026.*


Strategic consulting

Discover how you can optimize operations and tailor implementation of LLM to align it with your organization’s goals, and ensure a smooth transition to harness the full potential of the technology.

Business case analysis

Ensure that integrating LLMs is both practical and aligned with your business goals, confirming its feasibility and relevance.

Proof of concept

We use prototyping to bring your concept to life and ensure the project meets your business requirements, and the risks are tackled at the early stages.

Project estimation and roadmap

Collaborate with us to evaluate scope, requirements, and challenges, and ensure streamlined LLM initiatives, minimizing risks and achieving outcomes aligned with business objectives.

Integrate your data

Our experts will find the best ways to adeptly extract, transform, and integrate data from diverse sources for seamless input into a Large Language Model.


LLM-powered app development

Empower your business through our end-to-end LLM-powered app development services, encompassing app purpose definition, ML model selection, seamless integration, and continuous support.

Purpose definition

From chatbots and virtual assistants to educational portals, specialized tools, and question-answering systems, we are able to build an LLM-powered app that fits your goal and is integrated with your data.

Custom solutions development

We customize models using prompt engineering, fine-tuning, domain knowledge integration, and other methods to ensure your business benefits from LLM-powered solutions.

Application development

Integrate an LLM into your existing systems, apps, dashboards, and workflows, empowering them with personalized QA chatbots, enhanced customer service communication, task automation, and valuable insights to drive business growth and efficiency.


LLM customization and fine-tuning

Save resources, and streamline business operations by letting us enhance the performance, fine-tune, and train an LLM of your choice, seamlessly adapting it to your goals.

Dataset preparation

Use our assistance to prepare a dataset that will become a foundation of your custom LLM, ensuring accurate language comprehension, and enhanced model performance.

Data collection

Depending on the app specifics, our experts will ensure the app uses an LLM that is trained on a fitting dataset and the data is optimized for high efficiency and accurate outcomes.

Domain-specific data augmentation

Injecting additional relevant data into the training set enhances the LLM's exposure to specific contexts, improving its understanding and performance within your business domain.

Performance optimization

From conducting model evaluation to using fine-tuning and RAG methods, we’ll ensure your LLM has top performance and will need as few resources as it’s possible to run it with optimal efficiency.

Custom training on specific tasks

Fine-tuning the LLM on domain-specific tasks will sharpen its capabilities to excel in targeted functions, resulting in more accurate and contextually relevant outputs.


Deployment and maintenance

Ensure that your custom LLM and the solutions based on it have optimal performance, and can easily adapt to evolving needs.

Scalability and reliability

Ensure your solution has the capacity for any number of visits and can easily handle numerous requests at the same time without delay.

Reinforcement learning

Continuously improve the LLM's performance with data retraining based on human feedback to ensure the model adapts to changing contexts and provides relevant responses.

Security and privacy

Our team has vast experience in building secure LLM-powered solutions that adhere to the regulations required to handle sensitive data.

Unbiased and hallucination-free outputs

We provide a specialized service of setting up and maintaining a constant check on your LLM system. We aim to ensure a model's answers are always unbiased, accurate, and free of hallucinations.

Let LLM Become Your Ultimate Advantage

Harness the remarkable versatility of LLMs to turn your texts, images, and code inputs into summaries, unique text copies, and comprehensive documentation.

Let LLM Become Your Ultimate Advantage

Technology stack

Engineers will choose an optimal tech stack based on the LLM application’s functionality
and performance requirements as well as scalability needs.

Generative AI Models

AI Frameworks

Cloud Platforms

Integration and Deployment Tools

Say “yes” to streamlined operations. We’ll guide you and help make it happen.

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We’ve implemented 50+ AI projects for clients from healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing, and other industries

Benefit from smooth cooperation as we work side-by-side with your teams to achieve an expected result

We’ve created dozens of LLM-based chatbots and tools for clients and the software development community

Our AI developers are skilled in deploying and maintaining LLM-based solutions, including cloud and self-hosted ones

Akvelon’s teams use the Security and Compliance LLM Testing Framework for seamless and secure model integration

Our specialists excel in fine-tuning LLM models for highly regulated industries

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Have a question?

How much does LLM software development cost?

The cost of LLM software development is influenced by factors such as project complexity, data availability, model architecture, fine-tuning efforts, integration requirements, and ongoing maintenance, which collectively determine the overall scope and resources needed for successful implementation.

Please, reach out to our expert team to discuss the price and get an estimation.

What are the top Large Language Model applications?

There are many ways LLMs can assist you in your business, simplifying the processes. Here are the top ways LLMs can be applied:

  • Chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Copy generation tools
  • Translation services
  • Image generation apps
  • Educational portals
  • Coding assistants

Depending on the number of parameters of the chosen LLM and its training, you can use it to boost your processes and augment different tasks.

How long building a Large Language Model takes?

The timeline for building and training a Large Language Model (LLM) can vary significantly based on factors like model complexity, available computational resources, data volume, and fine-tuning needs. It can range from several weeks to several months, with larger and more sophisticated models generally requiring more time for development and training.

What can you do with an LLM?

Large Language Models differ in purpose and are trained differently. Depending on their specifics, they can be used to produce:

  • Text summaries
  • Accurate translations
  • Document classification
  • Unique copy generation
  • Customer service chatbots
  • AI-generated code
  • Sentiment analysis

Want your project to be handled by the Akvelon team?

Chatbots and virtual assistants

Transition from standard bot interactions to tailored LLM-powered messaging to automate lead generation and client support, crafting innovative customer experiences.

Educational portals

Transform educational portals with LLM, tailoring instructions, providing immersive experiences, and fostering personalized growth.

Copy generation tools

Swiftly produce sophisticated, human-like text copies that summarize ideas, transcript a call, or add a personal touch to your marketing and sales endeavors at scale.

Coding assistants

Enhance development with LLM-based code assistance to automate coding suggestions and perform code review and testing for better productivity.

Translation services

Broaden your business's global presence across diverse regions by using LLM to efficiently translate and analyze extensive volumes of different types of content.