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Microsoft Power BI Turns 5! Taking a Look at Akvelon’s 5 Most Popular Custom Power BI Visuals

This week marks five years since Microsoft launched Power BI, a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn multiple data sources into coherent, visually immersive and interactive insights. Over the past five years, millions of people have utilized Power BI to leverage their data to tell compelling stories through data visualization, and it is clear that it will continue to do so for many more!

The Akvelon team is proud to have contributed to Microsoft’s Power BI over the years, from helping their team develop over 30 custom visuals to providing infrastructure, quality assurance, and DevOps support. Akvelon also developed several Power BI custom visuals and offer them for free on Microsoft’s AppSource, helping companies from all over the globe turn their data into useful visuals. In honor of Microsoft Power BI’s fifth anniversary since its launch back in 2015,  we’re taking a look at the 5 most popular Power BI custom visuals that were developed by Akvelon.

1. Bubble Chart

Bubble Chart by Akvelon provides an efficient way to visualize your data that has one numeric dimension and one or two categories. This chart is a simplified version of the Scatter Chart, with tightly packed bubbles so that more categories can be shown in a given space. The free version is available on Microsoft AppSource, and for users that want more features, Akvelon offers a Premium Bubble Chart custom visual that is available on our website via an annual subscription. With Premium Bubble Chart, users enjoy all the great features and tools of our original Bubble Chart visual and also some new features including Drill Down Mode support, Bookmarks support, a Tooltips Field Bucket, and more!

2. Custom Calendar

Akvelon’s Custom Calendar for Power BI allows users to view and display daily data from any source, allowing  them to visualize their data in a calendar to recognize deep insights and patterns. Users can import data from various sources such as Excel sheets, CSVs, SQL, and more for a custom view to visualize payroll, attendance, traffic, project hours, and more that can be reported daily. This tool provides significant insight into daily activities in a fraction of the time, and it also allows for in-depth formatting customization options as well. Custom Calendar is available for free on Microsoft AppSource.

3. Hierarchy Chart

Hierarchy Chart by Akvelon allows users to easily display any type of hierarchical data in a tree format, such as organization and family trees. This Power BI add-on is perfect for ranking different departments, jobs, and employees who make up an organization, or displaying family history or visualizing genealogy information. Once the data source is imported into the Hierarchy Chart, each aspect of the display is fully customizable, allowing users to change the shape of the represented area, fonts, colors, keys, and more. Hierarchy Chart is available for free on Microsoft AppSource.

 4. Scatter Chart

Scatter Chart by Akvelon allows users to visualize their data in a simple design while taking advantage of rectangle selection support. Similar to other two-dimensional chart visuals, Scatter Chart can be used to assess your units using multiple measures including X and Y axes coordinates, point size, and saturation. It also supports rectangular selection and drill down mode. Scatter Chart is available for free on Microsoft AppSource.

5. KPI Chart

KPI Chart by Akvelon allows users to display KPI lines with dynamic ranges to better assess their progress. With this single visualization, users can illustrate and efficiently analyze the correlation between two measures by combining a line chart and a column chart on the same X-axis. Additionally, the KPI Chart by Akvelon allows users to show static and dynamic background KPI regions that can characterize, for example, the level of success before reaching the target. This visual has a wide variety of formatting options, and also allows users to customize text, color, sizes for each visual’s item, and the minimum and maximum value for both vertical axes and configure the format of numerical values for them. KPI Chart is available for free on Microsoft AppSource.

Akvelon has also developed several other Power BI custom visuals, including the Stacked Column Chart, the Stacked Bar Chart, the Small Multiple Line Chart, and more, all of which are available for free on Microsoft AppSource. We appreciate your feedback, so please check them out for yourself and turn your data into compelling stories.

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