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AI Video Subtitle Translator MVP

AI Video Subtitle Translator by Akvelon

Save significantly on translation expenses with our AI Video Subtitle Translator. Our solution streamlines subtitle creation and alignment for maximum efficiency and empowers viewers to enjoy seamless cross-language experiences.

  • LLM: Harnesses  GPT-4 to achieve unparalleled translation precision.

  • Parity: Maintains content coherence across diverse language pairs.

  • RTL: Effectively handles right-to-left scripting for diverse language support.

About the Project: YouTube Video Subtitles Localization

Employing AI for translating video subtitles or large volumes of text presents significant cost-saving opportunities compared to specialized translation tools. Businesses can slash their translation expenses twice or more depending on the project requirements and the selected large language model. Additionally, AI-powered video subtitle translators can be adjusted to produce more accurate and tailored translation results.

Our team embarked on a mission to develop a customized translation solution using LLMs. Our goal was to address our client’s challenges, including contextual inconsistencies and poor alignment with on-screen content in video subtitle translations.

AI, Conversational AI

Technologies and solutions used
OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo, OpenAI’s GPT-4


Project Goals and Challenges

Subtitle translation presents unique challenges, particularly in maintaining contextual accuracy and alignment with the original video content source. Traditional translation methods often fail to capture the nuances of segmented subtitle text, leading to inaccuracies and disjointed translations. Additionally, variations in language structure and syntax pose obstacles to maintaining alignment between translated and original subtitles.

To overcome these challenges, our AI Video Subtitle Translator focuses on achieving the following objectives:

  • Accurate and contextual translations. Within our approach, we begin by intelligently merging segmented subtitle text into cohesive units, enabling contextually-accurate translations that capture the essence of the original content.
  • Precise formatting and alignment. Once we have generated accurate translations, we employ a meticulous segmentation process to ensure that the translated subtitles maintain alignment with the original video. This way we preserve the formatting, structure, and visual presentation of the subtitles, enhancing clarity and readability.

By adopting this two-step methodology, our solution delivers high-quality subtitle translations that seamlessly integrate with the original video content. This empowers viewers to enjoy cross-language experiences and content creators to reach wider audiences.


Solution and Impact

Harnessing our expertise in LLM fine-tuning and testing, Akvelon developed a precise AI-powered video subtitle translation solution that remains consistent across languages.

Sentence chunks in the original language (English) & translated version (Croatian) with maintained alignment

AI Subtitle Translator Akvelon

As a result, our client got a working MVP of the translation solution powered by an LLM. This solution is flexible and can be powered by different LLMs by choice, depending on the project’s goals, budget, and expectations towards translation accuracy.

The benefits of our AI Video Subtitle Translator include:

  • Content Parity: Dynamic summarization techniques help maintain volume consistency and control over information density across languages.

  • Precision in Terminology Translation: Through LLM adjustment, we enabled accurate translation of specialized terminology and jargon.

  • Handling Complex Scripts: Applying morphological analysis and synthesis techniques, we ensure the handling of right-to-left scripting and morphological complexity.

  • Context-Aware Translations: We embrace context-aware learning and sentiment analysis capabilities of LLMs for culturally accurate and emotionally resonant translations.