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AI-Powered Efficiency & Cost Reduction — The Fast Track for Your Business with Akvelon

AI-Turbocharged Efficiency

In this edition, discover how our AI-powered solutions can streamline and optimize costs for vast volumes of translations, powering several industries including retail, ecommerce, and more. Also, find out how to improve your data retrieval and management processes by utilizing AI for efficient data extraction from a sea of unstructured data sources.

 We’ve also prepared a summary of the tech world’s latest breakthroughs worth your attention, as well as key takeaways from top high-tech events across the US!

Reach Global Audiences With Up to 90% Savings on Translation Costs

Are you struggling with high translation costs as you expand your retail, e-commerce, or news aggregation business globally? Our LLM-powered solution tackles this challenge head-on and delivers multiple benefits to businesses, including:

  • Dramatic translation cost reduction by up to 90%

  • High accuracy and translation quality

  • Scalability for multiple markets, streamlining your global expansion efforts

Watch our video:

and discover how our solution can unlock your business's global growth potential. For more in-depth information, read our latest whitepaper on this topic.

Free Up 20+ Hours a Month for Your Technical Writers

Project documentation creation can be a burden for technical writers, which is why Akvelon developed DocMate AI to simplify their processes and save them time. With DocMate AI, technical writers can automate repetitive tasks, adjust formatting and style quickly, and both find and crosslink related documents in moments. Our solution empowers teams to work more efficiently and deliver higher-quality documentation.

Discover how DocMate AI can save your tech writing team approximately 28 hours/month in our case study.

Find Hidden Gems in Your Data With LLMs

Vast amounts of your business data - from legal documents and customer reviews to market research reports - reside in unstructured formats that are inaccessible and hinder informed decision-making.

Our LLM-powered solution helps you fully utilize your data by:

  • Extracting hidden patterns and trends

  • Automating time-consuming analysis

  • Empowering data-driven decisions

Watch our video for real-world use cases:

and discover how LLMs can transform your data analysis process in our article.

Explore Our Expanded Client Success Stories

We've revamped our Client Successes page, featuring a wider range of detailed case studies across various industries and technologies. See how Akvelon's solutions deliver impressive business results for healthtech, sports, retail, and other sectors.

Reach out to us to discuss leveraging the latest and greatest technologies to empower your business!

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Key Takeaways From Top Events:

  • Emily Thomas, Akvelon's Director of Business Development, stresses the importance of robust AI consumer protection measures that were featured during the Nordic Innovation Summit. Discussions focused on safeguarding individuals from potential misuse and the need for proactive regulatory approaches. Learn more about the Nordic Innovation Summit from our LinkedIn post, or discuss directly with Emily on LinkedIn.

  • At the Stealth Summit, Emily Thomas, shared a powerful thought: "AI is humanity's mirror." She stresses the need for ethical AI development to ensure technology reflects our best selves. Join this discussion by reading our LinkedIn post and connecting with Emily on LinkedIn.

  • Vadim Vaiman, Akvelon's VP of New Business Development, highlights the pervasive influence of AI across various industries discussed at MongoDB.local NYC. His main takeaway emphasizes AI's significant impact and potential across different sectors. Read our LinkedIn post for more insights, and DM Vadim to continue the discussion on the topic of AI.

  • Vadim Vaiman also participated in thought-provoking discussions about the future of AI in finance at the AI in Finance Summit. Watch video recap on LinkedIn to gain insights into this technology's exciting possibilities in the financial sector. Get in touch with Vadim to discuss how the implementation of AI can benefit your business.

Keep up with the latest tech news, carefully curated and analyzed by Akvelon's experts.

  • OpenAI raises the bar for safe and ethical AI with Model Spec. This new framework sets standards for responsible AI development, emphasizing user privacy, legal compliance, and fair interactions that are crucial for healthcare, finance, and beyond! Find the details on our LinkedIn post.

  • Meta's Llama 3 democratizes AI and boosts efficiency, offering accessibility for smaller businesses, precision automation for complex tasks, and future-proofs with multimodality. Get the details about this new AI model on our LinkedIn post.