AI ArtDive VR:
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We offer innovative VR experiences, transforming panoramic views with GenAI using Stable Diffusion.

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Going Beyond the Frame
When AI Meets VR

AI-powered VR solutions offer unparalleled benefits to businesses, including faster development, more customized experiences, and increased immersion. These benefits can help healthcare and educational organizations, game companies, and travel and marketing agencies create more engaging user and client experiences, deliver better service, and drive revenue growth.

The AI ArtDive VR app appeared out of a desire to give users a portal into uniquely crafted artistic worlds. We expanded the creative possibilities of panoramic photography, adding artistic styles to traditional landscape and cityscape photos.
We turned to AI, employing the Stable Diffusion neural network as our stylization engine. Once we established the technical foundation, we leveraged the power of VR, allowing users to step into these art-infused environments literally, making panoramas explorable in an immersive setting.

Eventually, there’s much more to AI ArtDive VR than entertainment as it creates new and exciting opportunities for the application in fields like virtual art therapy and education.


ML, generative AI, virtual reality

Technologies and solutions used

Front: JavaScript, Razor Pages, Bootstrap

Back: ASP.Net Core

ML/AI: Diffusion, CLIP Open AI, Pytorch

VR: Unity, Oculus

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AI ArtDive VR

Starting this project we wanted to challenge ourselves in numerous directions, from finding a new angle of showing panoramic artistry by layering it with diverse artistic styles to combining cutting-edge VR and AI technologies in one solution and see what new perspectives this combination can open.

Let’s explore the key project goals:

  • Elevate user experience by letting participants step into a world of artistic wonders.
  • Democratize artistic exploration by making high-quality art accessible.
  • Enable art therapy in a more safe, personal, and engaging VR environment.
  • Enable edutainment: teach art history, styles, and techniques in a captivating way.
  • Foster social interaction and collective creativity through collaborative art projects and tours in VR.

Challenges and Solutions

Resource optimization

One of the biggest challenges in AI-powered VR is the consumption of computational resources. Successfully balancing performance and resource allocation can yield significant cost savings. AI ArtDive VR optimizes resource allocation to achieve this balance, saving businesses money.

Content customization

Users expect personalized experiences, but creating custom content can be difficult and expensive. AI ArtDive VR uses AI to generate personalized content automatically. We can help you adjust the solution for your business domain, be it VR-powered learning or a personalized VR journey for each customer at a retail store.


AI in VR solutions can be challenging to scale as the number of users and complexity of simulations grows. AI ArtDive VR is designed to be scalable so businesses can confidently rely on it long-term. For instance, AI ArtDive VR could be used to create a VR training program for employees at a large company.

ArtDive tech realization challenges

Bringing the solution to life, Akvelon’s team has faced several technical hardships, connected with preserving object proportions, balancing artistic flair with object integrity and more. You can find the details and ways for solving those challenges in the article about our journey.


This diagram details the AI ArtDive solution's architecture and inner workings.

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AI ArtDive VR: Core Functionality and Opportunities

AI ArtDive VR offers unique features that enable numerous applications of the solution in various industries targeting health, well-being, and a person’s all-round development.

Dynamic Panoramic Stylization

Transforms 2D panoramas into artistically stylized environments.

VR Integration

Enables the final image to be integrated into a VR app, providing users with a 360-degree artistic experience. Learn more from the related case study!

Customizable Artistic Styles

Allows users to experiment with a diverse set of artistic styles, including classical arts, anime, cyberpunk and retro style.

Resource-Efficient Processing

Optimizes computational resources by processing images at manageable resolutions, ensuring speed and quality in the final output.

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Healthcare and well-being

Akvelon’s technology offers transformative potential in healthcare, particularly in areas like pain management, mental health, and rehabilitation. It can be used to create intelligent VR environments tailored to patients' specific needs.

For instance, VR application in virtual art therapy provides customized, immersive environments that promote healing and stress reduction for patients dealing with mental health issues.

Impact and benefits:

  • Increased therapy accessibility, safety, and comfort thanks to a controlled virtual space
  • Optimized therapeutic experience
  • Enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Reduced stigma associated with mental health



The AI ArtDive VR application has the potential to revolutionize educational experiences by providing immersive, interactive learning environments and serving the information in a new, visual way. 

Whether in art history, design, social studies, or even geography or science, this technology can offer students a firsthand experience that transcends traditional textbook learning.

Impact and benefits:

  • More engaging and impactful learning, including an efficient way of serving information to students struggling to read a traditional text due to visual, cognitive, or mental reasons
  • Personalized learning experiences tailored to the individual needs of each student
  • Expanded access to education for students in remote or underserved areas
  • Interactive art exploration
  • Opportunities for collaborative learning



Imagine a gaming universe where you don't just play in a predefined environment but interact with worlds artistically reimagined in the styles of Van Gogh, Monet, or even steampunk and anime themes.

AI ArtDive's revolutionary combination of AI and VR technology can be a game-changer in the gaming industry, offering unparalleled experiences by transforming ordinary landscapes into breathtaking works of art.

Impact and benefits:

  • Customizable environments in real-time
  • Enhanced immersion
  • Dynamic storytelling and increased player engagement
  • Tailored experiences and opportunities for inclusive design
  • Optimized expenses with automatically generated content

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