Machine Learning &
Artificial Intelligence

Throughout the rapid evolution of the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence sphere, Akvelon has successfully incorporated it in our work that has helped clients of all sizes and from various industries. Akvelon continues to leverage AI & Machine Learning in the development of high-end SOTA solutions while taking an individual client-business-data-based approach.

Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

Akvelon’s AI and Machine Learning services help our clients improve their workflows, technology, and entire organization through increased automation, scalability, and sustainability. While also leveraging our product management and engineering services, our team will help your company achieve your goals, enhance your processes and products, and scale your business.

Computer Vision

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Natural Language Processing

Anomaly Detection

Tabular Data Processing


MLOps & Infrastructure Management

Akvelon ML/AI Projects

Anomaly Detection in Time Series

Our client wanted to analyze different metrics in a unified way to notify clients when something goes wrong and the values of some metrics begin to significantly differ from normal.


MeowTalk gives your cat a voice! It’s Alexa for cats. It’s an application and a service that lets cat owners interpret their cat’s vocalizations (meows) and allows them to better understand their cat and their cat’s vocabulary.

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Akvelon developed Deep Art, an AI-powered video filter app that can turn any video or photo into a work of art. Neutral styles, variation, and optical flow stabilization allowed for smooth video.

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Pixel art is a unique art style, an appreciation of big visible pixels that makes up the complete image’s founding elements. Akvelon developed the ML model and published all details of how it was implemented.

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Instagram Face Recognition

Parses Instagram and recognizes user’s handles by their face. Mass face recognition with secret-sauce algorithms to recognize account-owners.


Akvelon developed Deep Art, an AI-powered video filter app that can turn any video or photo into a work of art. Neutral styles, variation, and optical flow stabilization allowed for smooth video.

Customer Engagement Center Business Attribution

Akvelon worked closely with the F5 team to establish a consistent common set of bridging categories for CEC briefings and products.


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This is a question-answering system that can find answers from unprepared text documentations on human questions. E.g. if you configure the app to take information from pages and ask "How many people work at Akvelon?" and get an answer "more than 1000".


Microsoft EVA Bot

Microsoft was in need of assistance at their Microsoft Executive Briefing Center within their headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Akvelon was enlisted to help solve this problem and a devoted team was formed to create a helpful and innovative solution. From there, the Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA) Bot was created.


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Mobile app marketing analysis platform​

Allows to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for mobile applications - revenue from each campaign, the number of installations for each campaign, etc.

Healthcare data analytics platform​

Akvelon team built from scratch, documented, and delivered a ready-to-use software which allows the user to de-identify major PHI data entities such as names, addresses, SSN, telephones, etc. with a high-level of accuracy.

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On-Premises AI for Engineering Teams, Akvelon Blog

On-Premises AI for Engineering Teams

In this article, we’ll dive into common concerns associated with LLM solution usage for business and explore how to address them. We’ll share our insights from evaluating the efficiency of self-hosted LLMs as an alternative that can be more beneficial regarding data protection. Moreover, we’ll define the optimal UI environments for interacting with LLMs.

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