Case Studies

Case Study: EVA Bot

Business Need
Microsoft was in need of assistance at their Microsoft Executive Briefing Center within their headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft wanted to make it easier for their VIP customers to visit the center and needed a way to ensure operations at the center were running smoothly. Akvelon was enlisted to help solve this problem and a devoted team was formed to create a helpful and innovative solution. From there, the Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA) Bot was created.





The Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA) Bot helps visitors navigate the Executive Briefing Center, access the WIFI, gain information about meetings or briefings, and much more. The bot can also give visitors general information about Microsoft and has the ability to adapt to the visitor’s preferred language.

EVA can communicate through both voice and text, creating an engaging conversational experience for the visitors. The EVA Bot was given conversational flow capabilities that can be used across multiple channels, such as Cortana or the web.




Technology Used
•Cortana: visitors can have a conversation with EVA just as easily as they’d interact with Cortana bot on a mobile phone
•Azure Cognitive: provides AI that powers multiple experiences in real time
•Language Understanding Intelligent Services (LUIS): enabled Akvelon to create engaging conversational flows for the multiple personas that the bot was designed for
•Artificial Intelligence: AI powered translation helps EVA to interact with Executive Briefing Center visitors in their preferred language