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DocMate AI for Technical Documentation Writing

Work smarter and more efficiently using AI for technical documentation writing and editing. DocMate AI by Akvelon can help you create clear and consistent project documentation that meets industry standards, automating repetitive tasks.


About the Project: Streamlining Tech Docs & User Manuals

Project documentation, often crafted by and for developers, can be difficult for non-experts or newcomers to understand. Keeping project knowledge bases up-to-date is another challenge, as it’s time-consuming and requires constant updates from stakeholders. As a result, enterprise companies with large-scale projects often struggle to maintain massive knowledge bases for efficient usage.

Akvelon partnered with one of the world’s leading business services providers that was seeking to streamline technical documentation and user manuals for their key product. While completing the task was essential, our team took it a step further – we leveraged AI to write technical documentation faster by automating repetitive actions.

Category: AI, Large Language Models

Technologies and solutions used: Open AI’s GPT-4, Java, Python, and MongoDB

Project Goals and Challenges

Our client’s product documentation is a valuable resource that supports thousands of users. However, as their product evolves, descriptions of certain functional blocks could benefit from improved structuring, corrective adjustments, and enhanced explanations.

Working closely with our client’s documentation, our AI team identified over 15 repetitive tasks that could be automated, boosting our technical writers’ efficiency.

In addition to implementing AI for technical documentation writing and editing, we established a clear set of project objectives to enhance the overall user experience:

  • Standardize formatting and improve usability
  • Facilitate easy navigation and cross-linking
  • Ensure consistency in the style and tone of voice
  • Implement intelligent suggestions for related materials


Solution and Impact

We prioritized the four most feasible AI-powered document automation functionalities to optimize efficiency within the project’s tight timeframe. These functionalities were incorporated into our DocMate AI solution within a month, enabling our technical writers to leverage the tool quickly.

Our technical writers’ flowchart:

DocMate AI’s functionality includes:

  • Document Revision: Automatically fixes formatting, improves code readability, and incorporates changes described by technical writers in natural language.

  • Style Check: Polishes the document’s language by eliminating typos, informal language, and term inconsistencies, while ensuring a consistent tone of voice.

  • Cross-Links Search: Streamlines information retrieval by finding pages that contain supplementary information, saving technical writers’ time for other tasks.

  • Related Documents Search: Suggests additional content closely related to the topic, facilitating comprehensive coverage of related subjects.

Technical writers’ workflow using DocMate AI:

Business impact

On average, DocMate AI saves 20 hours of tech writers’ time per month.

Additional benefits:

  • Faster onboarding of new team members
  • Simplified understanding of complex code logic
  • Fewer errors in code variables and parameters
  • Streamlined replacement of deleted documents and broken links repairs