Case Studies

IoT Condition Monitoring System Enhancement: Pregnancy Care App for PulseNMore

We're enabling automation and simplified in-app communication between a doctor and a patient during at-home ultrasound screening.



Seamless Communication & Ultrasound Usage All in One Platform

IoT-based condition monitoring systems foster proactive patient care, elevate efficiency, and enhance clinical outcomes through continuous remote patient supervision. Our client utilizes IoT technology for condition monitoring during pregnancy, providing world-leading self-scan ultrasound devices for remote clinical diagnosis and screening.

The Akvelon team’s mission on this project was to elevate user experience for the PulseNMore application and facilitate real-time interaction between healthcare providers and patients.


Mobile, IoT

Technologies and solutions used

Xamarin (Android, iOS), React, MobX, Material UI, Azure (Blob Storage, Key Vault, CosmoDB, Frontdoor), Windows, iOS, Android


Next-Level At-Home Ultrasound Experience

PulseNMore’s unique handheld ultrasound cradle docks with the patient’s smartphone to deliver high-quality images. These images can be created anywhere, stored, and forwarded for clinical review or shared in an online consultation.

At the project’s onset, the client had a ready-to-use at-home ultrasound solution. The user flow included the following steps:

Such a multi-step process involved numerous interactions, and the client intended to simplify communication between doctors and patients, reducing manual steps.

To solve this challenge, we formulated a list of project goals:

  • Implement a real-time online mode for providers and patients to use the ultrasound device
  • Introduce new capabilities within the mobile app to enhance overall system functionality, making PulseNMore the best ultrasound app for both Android and iPhone users
  • Enhance the UI/UX of both the mobile app and the web portal


Seamless IoT and Mobile Interaction

Akvelon’s contribution empowered the PulseNMore application, providing an even smoother and more satisfying at-home ultrasound experience.

  • Implemented real-time online mode for seamless communication between providers and patients during ultrasound sessions.
  • Developed an Android mobile application, facilitating ultrasound usage and consultations within a single platform.
  • Enhanced user experience for healthcare providers by introducing new UI components and streamlined navigation, optimizing workflow efficiency.
  • Created a specialized service for pregnant women that gives convenient access to ultrasound services from the comfort of home.