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Streamline Project Documentation and Support Operations with DocMate AI and DRI Copilot and More

Explore our latest AI-powered solutions that are designed to streamline operations and enhance user support.

Learn how DRI Copilot can save your support team up to 40 hours every month with features like Duplicate Search and Code Syntax Check. Also, discover DocMate AI for efficient project documentation, saving approximately 20% of tech writers' time. Let's jump into the newsletter!

Save up to 40 Hours of Your Support Team’s Time With DRI Copilot

Time-consuming searches for similar cases in the knowledge base can delay response times for technical support representatives. To address this issue and empower support teams to resolve cases more efficiently, we've developed the GPT-powered DRI Copilot tool.

With DRI Copilot, your support teams can:

  • Quickly search for duplicate issues
  • Assess priority levels of tickets
  • Identify errors in code syntax within reported issues
  • Generate responses to commonly encountered issues

Watch our video to learn more:

And check out our DRI Copilot case study for insights on how you can save your support teams up to 40 hours per month with our tool.

Leverage DocMate AI to Save up to 20% of Time Spent on Writing Documentation

When one of our enterprise-scale clients brought us on to manage their project documentation, we discovered numerous repetitive actions that we could automate with AI. So we developed our AI-powered tool that simplifies document writing and editing, while also streamlining navigation through their knowledge base, handling:

  • Document revision and polishing
  • Style and consistency checks
  • Cross-links and related materials search

Discover insights about this solution in our case study that was recently published, and contact us today to streamline your project documentation process with DocMate AI.

Empowering IoT Condition Monitoring Solution With Seamless Doctor-Patient Interaction

Remote patient care is a burgeoning healthtech trend, and Akvelon has been at the forefront of this movement for years. In a unique collaboration with PulseNMore, a global leader in self-scan ultrasound devices, we are enhancing the pregnancy care experience, focusing on providing proactive patient care and delivering higher patient satisfaction.

Our top-notch development team has streamlined in-app interaction for patients and care providers to connect during ultrasound sessions, which resulted in:

  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Elevated doctor experience

Find out more about this incredible case on the edge of mobile and IoT from our recently-released case study.

Level Up Your Data Management with LLMs

Lost in a flood of data? Even the most robust data teams can struggle to extract valuable insights from legal documents, customer reviews, and market research papers. LLMs can provide a solution to this.

Our recent article explores how you can leverage LLMs:

  1. Reveal hidden trends and patterns
  2. Automate time-consuming data analysis
  3. Empower confident and data-driven decisions

Watch our video for real-world use cases, application specifics, and business impacts.

Ready to start handling your data efficiently? Connect with us now, to begin!

Director of PreSales & Delivery at Akvelon’s headquarters, Maxim V. Sinitsyn, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSSGB,  recently conducted training sessions at our offices in Serbia and Georgia, enriching our service delivery. Watch the highlights of his visit in our latest video on LinkedIn.

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Key Takeaways from Google Cloud Next '24

Akvelon's Director of New Business Development, Ashley Pikle, recently attended Google Cloud Next '24, engaging in meaningful discussions and exploring exciting opportunities with industry leaders. Watch our event recap video of Ashley's top highlights and key takeaways. 

Missed the event? Connect with Ashley via DM on LinkedIn to continue the conversation and explore ways to advance Cloud Computing together.

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