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Save Big With LLMs for Translation & Optimize Recruitment Workflows with LLM-Driven Resume Screening, and More

Just like spring brings newness and inspiration, this March we are delivering insights and new instruments to help businesses reach unparalleled growth and achievement.

In our latest newsletter, you can unlock a cost-effective way to translate large volumes of texts accurately using LLMs. Delve into how you can optimize recruitment workflows with LLM-driven resume screening and save recruiters and SMEs an average of 23 hours of time per vacancy. If you’re ready, let’s go!

LLMs Help Marketplaces Slash Translation Costs by up to 90%

LLM-powered_translations whitepaper by Akvelon

Conventional translation tools may work perfectly for small projects, but they often lead to hefty expenses for high-volume needs. LLMs bring unparalleled value to solving this problem. With up to a 90% cost reduction for every 1,000 characters translated compared to Google Translate and DeepL pricing, businesses can save significantly while maintaining translation accuracy.

Check out our latest whitepaper to discover how LLM-driven translation solutions can maximize your global impact. Explore LLM pricing details and real-world application examples.

Cracking the Code of Successful Software Development Outsourcing

Navigating software development outsourcing

Software development outsourcing has evolved beyond cost-saving measures into a gateway for businesses to access specialized expertise and gain a competitive edge.

With a number of external service providers available, it's crucial for businesses to carefully assess potential partners based on these key criteria:

  • Expertise and experience

  • Client reputation

  • Project management and communication

  • Technical support capabilities

Discover these essential strategies further in our Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development blog post to turn your vision into a high-performing and secure solution.


Unleash the Power of Generative AI for Rapid Video Creation

With content demand skyrocketing by 1.5x and videos being a clear winner, getting a 12x higher engagement rate than other mediums, marketers are seeking ways to optimize their content production process.

To help you address the growing content demand, we've compiled an overview of top Generative AI platforms for video production, including Runway, Stable Diffusion, Pika Labs, and Sora. Delve into our Mastering AI for Video Generation whitepaper for insights into each tools' pros and cons, use cases, as well as a step-by-step guide to leveraging GenAI for video creation.

Also,check out this video, created using our Akvelon-approved workflow:

Optimizing Recruitment Workflows with LLM-Driven Resume Screening

While AI cannot replace human expertise in conducting interviews and selecting the best candidates for an open position, we have discovered how to harness LLMs to streamline applicants’ CV pre-screening and scoring. This innovative approach not only eliminates bias but also saves recruiters and SMEs an average of 23 hours per vacancy.

The benefits of utilizing our LLM-driven tool for CV processing include:

  • Shortened recruitment lifecycle

  • Enhanced candidate selection accuracy

  • Reduced risk of losing candidates to competitors

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Key Takeaways From Top Events:

  • Andrew Machin, our Director of New Business Development, shared his top insights from HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition. Engaging with global health professionals, this event emphasized technology's crucial role in healthcare innovation. Catch a glimpse of our journey and the event's highlights in our video, and connect with Andrew on LinkedIn to explore our approach to building custom HealthTech solutions.

  • Akvelon leads healthcare innovation at Digital Health 2024, where Ashley Pikle, our Director of New Business Development, delved into cutting-edge digital solutions transforming patient care and clinician decision-making. Learn more about Digital Health 2024 on our LinkedIn post and connect directly to Ashley on LinkedIn.

  • Focusing on healthcare innovation, Eleonora Berylo, our Director of New Business Development, represented Akvelon at ViVE 2024. This event sought to transform healthcare through technology, showcasing the latest digital health solutions. Find more details on our LinkedIn post.

  • Vadim Vaiman, our Vice President of New Business Development, attended Mind The Tech NY 2024, a prestigious gathering that spotlights tech innovations and forward-thinking spirit. This event featured talks on AI, cybersecurity, health, and renewable energy. Find out more from our Linkedin post, or reach out to Vadim on LinkedIn for an in-depth discussion on these topics.

Certified Excellence: Akvelon Partners with Industry Leaders

Since joining the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program, Akvelon’s team has committed to growing our expertise across Google technologies to assist our clients throughout their Google Cloud journeys. We cover a whole spectrum of services, from digital transformation, software engineering, and data analytics to machine learning and application development.

We're proud to announce that our team now has over 10 Google technical certifications, alongside over 25 Microsoft and over 15 Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications, reflecting our broad expertise across key technologies.

We’d like to thank our amazing team members for their hard work and dedication to earning these certifications and broadening our expertise!

Keep up with the latest tech news, carefully curated and analyzed by Akvelon's experts.

  • Google unveils Gemma, a customizable AI chatbot family for diverse tasks. It even runs locally on desktops! Alongside Gemma, Google champions responsible AI with a new developer toolkit. Head to our LinkedIn post for more info on Gemma's openness and computing opportunities.

  • Evolved from Bard, Gemini Ultra 1.0 tackles complex reasoning, creative projects, and diverse questions with ease. Businesses gain smoother operations, enhanced data-driven decisions, and happier customers. Explore how Gemini Ultra 1.0 challenges the status quo alongside tools like Chat GPT on our LinkedIn post.

  • Google and Hugging Face team up to supercharge generative AI on Google Cloud! Businesses can gain streamlined development, cutting-edge tools, and innovation opportunities with this generative AI powerhouse. Curious to know more? Check out our LinkedIn post. Need help tackling integration or expertise gaps?  Reach out to Akvelon's AI & Cloud experts!