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Unlock AI Insights: LLM Fine-Tuning, Conversational AI Trends, GitHub Copilot Best Practices, and Beyond

As we enter the 2nd month of the new year, we continue our journey of AI revelations, unfolding new possibilities to heighten business efficiencies.

In this update, we uncover the transformative power of LLMs for workflow optimization, delve into the U.S. government’s AI policies and regulations, ride the wave of conversational AI trends, and accelerate software delivery using GitHub Copilot with our AI Tool Master Flow.

Unwrap LLM's Full Potential With Akvelon!

Revolutionize your business like never before with LLMs, from streamlining workflows and boosting customer satisfaction, to cutting operating expenses.

Why choose Akvelon as your partner for your LLM transformation? Our AI experts have successfully delivered over 50 AI projects, offering tailored solutions to innovate with confidence. We’re proud of our team’s:

  • Expertise in maintaining LLM applications, both cloud-based and on-premises
  • LLM-specific testing framework for model security and reliability
  • Fine-tuning experience for domain-specific tasks
  • Comprehensive assistance at any software development cycle stage

Are concerns about data privacy or integration complexities still holding you back? Explore how our tailored solutions preserve precision, ensure data security, and integrate seamlessly with different client platforms by checking out our Strategic Data Extraction From Unstructured Sources With LLMs article.

For more information about how we can turbocharge your operations with LLM capabilities, explore our LLM Software Development and Consulting service page,contact us right away to get started now!

Ready to Skyrocket Your Teams' Efficiencies With AI-Powered Coding?

90% of our software development teams have adopted GitHub Copilot within their daily routine, resulting in the acceleration of our software release cycles and significantly boosting code quality. Moreover, our software engineers have expressed that they feel even more empowered since implementing this AI tool.

For tips on completing tasks at least 16% faster, check out our latest article about How Akvelon Maximizes Avail and Minimizes Risks Using Generative AI in Software Development.

AI Risks Drawing the Attention of U.S. Policy Makers

Experts are calling 2024 the year of AI legislation, and here’s why:

The recent surge in generative AI has sparked a global dialogue on its impact, prompting U.S. lawmakers to take action. Our dedicated blog discusses the AI legislation that’s being introduced and what's on the horizon in this transformative field: AI Laws in the U.S.: Explore Potential Risks and Examples of Responsible AI.

Conversational AI Trends Shaping Businesses in 2024

Organizations from various sectors are already slashing their operational costs, accelerating their workflows, and optimizing their resources with ConvAI.

The top 5 industries that are getting the most benefits are:

  • Real estate (28% adoption rate)
  • Travel (16% adoption rate)
  • Education (14% adoption rate)
  • Healthcare (10% adoption rate)
  • Finance (5% adoption rate)

Dive into our latest article on Conversational AI Use Cases and Trends of 2024 and learn more about how you can join the early technology adopters who are already leveraging its potential.

Celebrating Our Successes in 2023

As we bid farewell to an extraordinary year, we reflect on some of the remarkable milestones that our team has achieved in 2023:

  • Earned 55 certifications across multiple technologies
  • Received 6 awards acknowledging our growth, AI expertise, and more
  • Held 81 global corporate events, including Summer Internship Programs in US and several other countries, an online DevDay IT conference, and AI/ML Application Contest

From uniting our global offices to supporting Ukraine and Armenia, Akvelon’s impact resonated worldwide!

Unveiling the Winners of Akvelon’s AI/ML Application Contest

We are proud of our talented team who, once again, proved their brilliance during our latest AI application contest. During this contest, 91 members of our team showcased their AI/ML applications and presented cutting-edge ideas, giving way to future innovations for business.

Check out this video to learn more about our contest and the 62 amazing applications that our team submitted:

Stay ahead of the curve with detailed tech news overviews shared by Akvelon's top experts!

  • Meta's Open-Source AGI: Mark Zuckerberg's announcement shakes up the AI scene. How will this impact the Generative AI field? Find out more about Meta's massive GPU deployment and the need for new AI-enabled devices here in our LinkedIn post.
  • Google's latest GenAI platform Gemini takes AI to new heights, processing diverse data types like text, audio, images, and videos. Our AI team dissects Gemini's models – Ultra for large-scale projects, Pro for balanced usability, and Nano for mobile efficiency. But, or does it truly outshine DALL-E? Uncover the details and business implications in our LinkedIn post.
  • Have you already heard of the EU's game-changing AI Act? This legislation reshapes the landscape for GenAI and ConvAI, emphasizing privacy, ethics, and imposes penalties for non-compliance. Dive into our experts’ insights on navigating the new era of regulated GenAI in our LinkedIn post.
  • Claude 2.1, by Anthropic, is setting new standards for GenAI with a 50% reduction in hallucination rates, extended token context windows, and a robust partnership with Google. Explore more about its improved accuracy, advanced hardware access, and diverse business applications in our LinkedIn post, and weave these innovations into your current solutions with Akvelon!
  • Peek into the future of the $1.7 trillion global telecom industry! Amdocs, NVIDIA, and Microsoft Azure join forces to pioneer custom LLMs that are tailored for the impending surge in global data transactions. Discover the collaboration's impact on data processing, GenAI solutions, industry-focused applications, and its role in enhancing customer care and network operations in our LinkedIn post.