Case Studies

Case Study: Pocket Barber

Business Need

Everyone cares about the way they look. A bad haircut or strange looking facial hair can make anyone feel self-conscious. Our team found a way to make anyone feel confident about their new hair cut or facial hair with the invention of a new app. Our mobile application for clients of barbershops uses real-time masks to let clients virtual “try” a new haircut or facial hair before they commit to a service.


Akvelon successfully designed and implemented a native mobile application for the Android platform where users select a hairstyle that he/she likes from our set of options and the app displays the mask in a real time video stream using the smartphone’s front camera.

Our solution detects 68 facial landmarks of human face, chin, and eyebrow using Fast Face Android app. After that, we estimated real-time head positioning using OpenCV and dlib libraries. For 3D object rendering was used built-in Android OpenGL ES and LibGDX libraries. OpenGL is a cross-platform graphics API that specifies a standard software interface for 3D graphics processing hardware. LibGDX is a relatively low level, free, open source cross platform game development framework library. We used these platforms for model and hair texture loading.



Akvelon developed an Android application based on following steps:

  1.     68 facial landmarks detection
  2.     Real-time head pose estimation
  3.     3D model rendering


Technology Used

OpenCV, dlib, OpenGL ES, Java, LibGDX, Android