Case Studies

Case Study: Content Managment Platform


ICEPortal is one of the largest content providers of travel and leisure-related visual content online. ICE Portal produces 360° virtual tours, WebShows, videos, and eBooks for the travel industry’s leading suppliers (hotels, destinations, cruise lines, vacation rentals, attractions, etc.) ICE converts content to the correct size, format, category,and brands it for delivery to multiple channels in many different languages.


Business Need

ICEPortal was mainly a photo and content production company that was seeking cutting-edge technology to change their business processes. Due to the rapid growth of their client audience, ICEPortal needed to upgrade technology, streamline content creation and management processes, and design an online platform capable of supporting growth. Akvelon proposed an entire business model to meet their needs.


We developed a solution leveraging Microsoft .NET technology along with Microsoft SQL Server. Our solution provided a scalable, manageable, and upgradeable web platform to lay the foundation for ICEPortal’s success.This solution provides ample functionality and includes multiple features:

  • eBooks
  • Brochure Management Tool
  • Brochure Smart Links
  • Invoice Manager
  • 360′ Virtual Tours
  • Live Image Manipulation
  • Image Admin
  • Custom Features (based on specific business needs)
  • XML Interface

Following the system implementation, Akvelon signed an agreement to provide ongoing maintenance, support, and upgrades for ICEPortal. We are proud to provide 99.99% uptime for the service and 24/7 support.

Benefits & Results

  • Improved overall company performance. Subsequently, ICEPortal has grown into a visual content distribution powerhouse, providing millions of content views per day with a monthly growth of 8%.


  • Increased company visibility. Based on the new business model, ICEPortal has established long-term partnerships with major industry players, including Orbitz, Travelocity, Priceline, Expedia, etc.


  • Increased revenue. The advanced technology solution brought new and notable clients to ICEPortal. This solution made ICEPortal the easiest and the most efficient way for hotels and resorts (such as Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, Westin, and others ) to deliver their content to 30,000+ leading travel websites and search engines worldwide.