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Akvelon Software Development Manager speaks at Kharkiv Project Managment Day

AKvelon Software Development Manager speaks at Kharkiv Project Management Day

When it comes to project management, Akvelon is full of experts that have excellent advice to share. Akvelon Software Development Manager Kyrylo Beloborodko was invited to speak at Kharkiv Project Management Day, a conference dedicated to project management in the IT sphere. The conference drew nearly 500 Project Managers, Team-Leads, and IT professionals from all over Ukraine


See Kyrylo in the video above at 00:20:00


Over 40 seasoned speakers were invited to share their project management experience and despite the large amount of competition for the audience’s attention, Kyrylo proved to be one of the most popular speakers, captivating an audience of over 130 attendees.

Kyrylo’s Presentation

During his presentation, Kyrylo focused on several key talking points:

  • The secondary importance of processes in Agile
  • A review of the Cynefin Framework
  • Spiral dynamics of company development
  • Three types of harmful processes:
    1. Twisted processes
    2. Over-complex processes
    3. Old-timer processes



Prediction of Future Processes

At the end of his presentation, Kyryrlo shared his own predictions for future processes:

“The role of processes in the nearest 10-15 years will come to naught,” he believes, “and then they will be reborn in new Blue Organizations where interaction between employees occurs based on a certain set of rules”.


Akvelon is proud to have talented and driven employees like Kyrylo Beloborodko who are so eager to share their expertise and insights with others in the IT industry. We can’t wait to see what our employees do next!