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Akvelon COO Constantine Korovkin Visits Office in Kharkiv, Ukraine and Provides Company Update

Constantine Korovkin visits office in Kharkiv, Ukraine

With over 700 employees at offices all over the globe, Akvelon knows the importance of keeping connected throughout the company. That is why Akvelon Co-Founder and COO Constantine Korovkin flew over to our office in Kharkiv, Ukraine, to touch base and provide an update on Akvelon’s progress so far in 2019.

Kharkiv Akvelon Office

Kharkiv Office

Akvelon’s Kharkiv office hosts over 150 employees, making it our 2nd largest office worldwide.

The office is growing rapidly, gaining 6  new employees in March and 7 more in April. In May, several of their employees celebrated their anniversaries of working with Akvelon, with Lead Java Developer Dmitry Volkov celebrating the longest anniversary at 9 years!

AKvelon Kharkiv office watches CK's presentation

Akvelon Update

During his visit, Constantine presented an update on Akvelon’s progress and achievements so far in 2019, and also provided insights into AKvelon’s goals and development plans for the rest of the year. The most significant updates were that Akvelon has grown to over 740 employees with 9 offices worldwide since the opening of our 2 new offices in Serbia and the Czech Republic.

Constantine Korovkin provides 2019 update

After his presentation, all participants had the opportunity to speak with him in person.

As our company grows and expands across the globe, Akvelon knows that keeping everyone connected is more important now that ever before. We will continue to ensure that everyone feels informed and connected to our growing Akvelon family!