Case Studies

Case Study: F5 Network

Business Need

For organizations looking to rapidly build, deploy, and manage secure applications, Project Blue is a cost-effective, intelligent, on-demand, and cloud-agnostic application services platform that integrates well with third-party, open-source DevOps tools and services in their ecosystems. Modern app developers, DevOps teams, and SecOps and the Enterprise IT team who service them are looking for this kind of solution.

F5 contracted Akvelon for design and implementation of CI/CD, QE and Engineering elements of the solution from ground up.


Blue is a Cloud Application Services Platform that offers customers the ability to deploy, accelerate and secure applications in a multi-cloud environment

Blue is designed for organizations that need an intelligent, secure, and cloud-agnostic approach for rapidly deploying, optimizing, and securing applications. Blue offers a rich set of services that:

  • Enable flexible self-service application deployment with intelligent traffic management, application insights, and programmability
  • Provide consistent, integrated, and robust application security policies across multiple clouds
  • Leverage analytics to inform cost-effective usage of compute resources, as well as providing real-time visibility and security insights

Blue is built on top of Kubernetes and other containerization stacks.


Benefits and Results

Akvelon successfully delivered the milestones on time and continues the collaboration with F5 by driving the team of engineers to enable CI/CD and quality engineering pipelines and infrastructure to streamline development. Assessing architecture, proposing and driving architectural changes to address known and anticipated pain points across 20+ engineering teams delivering a product comprising 100+ unique services and components.

Client benefits:

  • A set of CI/CD pipelines and well documented DevOps and Engineering practices tailored to the need of the complex microservices environment
  • A QE pipeline and infrastructure to create, execute and analyze unit, integration, e2e and NFR tests as a part of the continuous delivery process
  • Modernized service composition architecture allowing for faster development cycle and reduced time-to-delivery
    VMWare on-premise setup enabling the product to be operational not only in AWS but also in vSphere environment


Technologies Used

Docker, Kubernetes et al: Helm, Tiller, hypercube, Etcd, Tectonic, Consul, Vault, Packer, Terraform, TICK (InfluxDB, Grafana), ELK, Artifactory, AWS, Golang, bash, Python, Gitlab & GitlabCI, Make, Gradle, IntelliJ IDEA, MS VS Code, Jira, Confluence, CentOS, CoreOS, Ubuntu, Alpine, Windows 10