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Developing AI & Machine Learning with Akvelon’s Think-and-Do-Tanks: FAQ, What’s Next, and the Android in the Meadow

Imagine an artist who could never starve – one who isn’t human at all, but is capable of creating  “a beautiful painting of an android in the meadow, unbelievably detailed” by only having a text query? AI-powered image generation through inputted words is one of the many active areas of research that Akvelon’s AI & Machine Learning team is working on right now in our Think-and-Do tanks, and we are happy with the results so far. AI and Machine Learning has been an important part of Akvelon’s R&D for years, and we’re excited to share more insights on what we have been developing recently.

Recently, Akvelon launched a LinkedIn poll to see which technologies our connections believe should be prioritized when expanding research and development based on their potential for future growth, and found the following results:


Our poll revealed that AI and Machine Learning is the top priority, according to our audience’s estimation for its potential in the years to come. The results correlate with the surging demand for AI and Machine Learning engineers among our clients and partners, and the confirmed ROI and tangible benefits of implementing AI and Machine Learning solutions that they have been seeing.

Lately, Akvelon has also received several questions about our proprietary AI and Machine Learning Think-and-Do Tank, which has been gaining a high level of curiosity and interest from our clients and colleagues. 

All things considered, Akvelon has decided to share the answers to some of the audience’s most frequently asked questions, as well as some stats about our AI Think-and-Do Tank’s developments in Q1 and Q2 of this year.

Q: What exactly is Akvelon’s AI & Machine Learning Think-and-Do Tank? 

A: It is an intellectual setting that encourages our data scientists and engineers to research, innovate, and transform individual experiences into collective knowledge. Not just in theory for our knowledge base, but in practice, to power cumulative, low-risk innovation and make its predictable results accessible for our clients. Our top talents in the AI & Machine Learning domain unite to assess and evolve new ideas and technologies, and then pilot and verify them by creating new applications and solution accelerators.

Q: Why not just call it a “Think Tank”? 

A:This intellectual setting is far more than just a “think tank”: the emphasis here is on “DO”, as Akvelon has leveraged them to accelerate our technology practices and tangible deliverables. “Think-and-Do Tank” is a bit of a long name though, so between themselves, our engineers sometimes lovingly refer to it as a  “smithy” – like a blacksmith’s workshop where amazing things are made. 

Q: What are some examples of what your Think-and-Do Tanks have developed?

A: Here are some of the most recent developments Akvelon has published: 

  1. Fighting Wildfires with AI: Recently, our team developed an award-winning AI-based application that helps to  predict and prevent wildfires. They developed this app while participating in the Wildfire & Bushire Challenge hosted by, and were ranked in the top 10. The open source AI application that Akvelon developed is now being used by numerous organizations that are working to fight wildfires and bushfires around the world to prevent and contain wildfires, helping to reduce the loss of lives, forests, resources, and property. Read more about our application and the competition here.
  2. Developing Intelligent Apps with Spice.AI: Akvelon Machine Learning Engineer Danylo Kosmin wrote an intriguing tutorial on and introduction to Spice.AI, a new platform that was designed to make the process of creating intelligent applications much easier. Learn more about the potential advantages of Spice.AI and our experience getting started with it here.
  3. AI ArtDive app for High-Resolution Face Attribute Manipulation: Akvelon’s app development team has recently improved our AI ArtDive app by adding more AI-based tools for manipulating images of peoples’ faces on a deeper level. Now, users can change the subject of a photo’s facial expressions to make them smile, manipulate their facial features to look older or younger, and more. Check out the tech behind this app’s development in this article, or try our AI ArtDive app on Android, iOS, or on the web.

Q: What is this “Android in the Meadow” AI approach?

A: As mentioned earlier, one application of AI that Akvelon’s Think-and-Do tanks are currently researching and developing is AI-powered image creation through text queries. This technology may become a game changer for visual creation, and this approach comes with many potential monetization opportunities of this approach. Some of the many possible applications are:

  • Generating a variety of design interpretations for different areas, including interior design
  • Rendering fashion ideas in a variety of different outfits, colors, textures and different types of models
  • Generating NFT images with desired attributes and visual effects
  • Creating paintings, cards, and any visual output of a wide range of different subjects, styles, locations, and fantasy concepts

Our engineers are permanently experimenting with AI and Machine Learning generation and enhancing original ideas

Q: What are the current AI and Machine Learning trends, and what’s coming next for Akvelon’s AI and Machine Learning practice? 

A: Our engineers are currently working on new developments in natural language processing and Machine Learning applications in visual regression testing. Our teams are prototyping the semantic search engine for the source code that will enable developers to easily find suitable examples of code snippets to help them solve trivial technical challenges and accelerate programming.

Now you know what an android in the meadow and AI & ML Think-and-Do Tank have in common. Stay tuned to see what Akvelon develops next by keeping an eye on our AI and Machine Learning practice page