Case Studies

Case Study: OpenTable



OpenTable is the leading provider of free, real-time online reservations for diners and reservation and guest management solutions for restaurants.

Business Need

Open Table has an iOS version of their GuestCenter application and decided to implement Android version of it with similar functionality. OpenTable has sketches of GuestCenter for Android application with common functionality which was published into Google Play market.


Akvelon investigated existing GuestCenter for iOS and GuestCenter for Android applications. Since GuestCenter for Android doesn’t have make reservation functionality what is most important part of the application, Akvelon decided to start imputation of this feature. The feature’s code was covered by Unit and UI tests.

Technologies Used

Android studio (with next frameworks: retroFit, RxJava2, Dagger2), Kotlin/Java (mostly Kotlin), JUnit, Espresso, Jira, git.