Case Studies

Mobile App for The Pet Fund

Client: The Pet Fund, a national nonprofit company

Industry: Pets 

Project Type: Mobile application development


About The Client

The Pet Fund is a registered nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to pet owners in the US who cannot afford the veterinary care that their pets need. 

Too often, animals are dropped off at shelters, suffer needlessly, or are even put down because their owners cannot afford expensive surgeries or veterinary care that they need.  One of the most heartbreaking situations for pet owners is to look into their beloved pets’ eyes knowing that they cannot afford to pay for the medical care that they need to survive.  Unfortunately, as the cost of veterinary care continues to rise, this scene is becoming more common than ever before. 

 This is why The Pet Fund was founded in 2003 as a national nonprofit dedicated to funding veterinary care for those who could not afford it.

The purpose of The Pet Fund is to work towards a future where decisions about companion animal medical care need never be made on the basis of cost.

The Pet Fund works to provide grants for veterinary care for those who cannot afford it, but also functions as an education resource providing information about preventative care, financial resources, and veterinary assistance to pet owners nationwide.

Key Challenges

The Pet Fund currently receives hundreds of requests from pet owners daily for veterinary care. To increase donations and engage with a younger audience, Akvelon decided to volunteer their time and resources to develop a mobile application for Android and IOS for The Pet Fund, working completely for free to help out this cause.

The Pet Fund asked Akvelon to make a simple app for Android and IOS using their web page as a start point. The idea was to make applications as simple as possible, keep the content and style, but at the same time, refreshing designs.

Akvelon’s team started with wrapping the website into Android Native and iOS Native apps and uploading it to the stores. The Akvelon team along with a client decided to cut some information and redesign screens to make it look like an independent mobile app as well as adjusting apps to the target audience.

Powering the Advantage

Keeping the original content and structure of their website, Akvelon’s team proposed a design upgrade for  the applications that should be a golden balance of maintaining the familiar branding of the website with the simplistic style of a minimalistic, user-friendly application. To achieve this, Akvelon created a brand new logo, icons, and application design.

In addition to developing the Android and iOS applications, Akvelon also developed an application page that showcases branded merchandise of their own design that are available to donors to The Pet Fund. Their goal was to provide The Pet Fund with an additional way to raise funds for their cause Avalon’s designer came up with several brand new styles of merch prototypes that were well received by The Pet Fund team, and show promising ability to engage in more donations.

Business Value

After their new designs were implemented, both apps were successfully added to the Apple and Google Play stores and now have more than 1,000 Installs.

Moreover, the new design created for the branded gifts and merchandise became the main brand theme and got excellent feedback from the client.

Hear from the Client

“The work Akvelon did to create an app for our organization was exceptional, and we are very grateful for Akvelon’s generosity and their creativity. The app they designed for us covers both iOS and Android, and Akvelon’s finished app has taken our nonprofit to a new level of outreach capability”

Karen Leslie, Executive Director The Pet Fund

We believe that this project was the first step in a long-lasting partnership of collaboration helping pet owners from all over the US take care of their furry (and scaled) friends.