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Top 6 Software Engineering Companies That Use AI for Development and Testing

Software Development Companies Using AI

Modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) impact various industries – especially software development. 27% of companies worldwide use artificial intelligence and machine learning for code writing and reviews and 76% of companies are predicted to start using it within the next years.

Engineering companies that use AI tend to speed up the development cycle and experience overall productivity increase, so no wonder there are already early adopters of AI in the software engineering market.

However, it’s challenging to pick the right tech company that uses AI, considering that the technology is still relatively new. Ethical concerns arise regarding the accountability and transparency of these tools. Additionally, companies need to ensure the quality assurance process. Not every company will align perfectly with your requirements, which makes it even more essential to carefully evaluate the right partner.

When searching for an AI-powered software development firm in 2023, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • What AI tools does the company use for software development?

  • What is their software development process?

  • How many skilled developers does the company have?

  • Does the company use an established framework that guarantees the quality, privacy, and security of the solutions they build using AI?

  • How does the company ensure the quality of their work?

  • What technologies will be utilized for the project?

When AI, software development, and principled collaboration come together, they create a collaboration of innovation and responsibility that leads to success. With these principles in mind, we have chosen the best software engineering companies that use AI for development and testing.

Top AI-Driven Software Engineering Companies in 2023

Through in-depth analysis and thorough research, we have curated a list of the top software engineering companies that use AI tools like GitHub Copilot or Tabnine to write routine code and create unit tests.

Their approach is what I think of as combining RI with AI - Real Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence. As always, Korovkin is an articulate exponent of his company’s approach. And as always, he doesn’t speak without the confidence of someone who has “already done it.” This manifests itself with the fact that he has clear figures on how his own company uses AI to create better outcomes and efficiencies. For him, it is not a theoretical or rhetorical exercise, it’s one he’s tested out on a 1200-person test-bed. And so far, he likes what he sees.

Akvelon is a leading provider of innovative products and solutions across various technology domains. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in Washington State for four consecutive years by the Puget Sound Business Journal, Akvelon excels in delivering a blend of creativity, quality, and reliability.

With expertise in technology consulting, software development, and mobile services, Akvelon prioritizes the essentials: intelligent solutions, streamlined execution, and a proven methodology.

As a tech company powered with AI, Akvelon picked GitHub Copilot to increase its team’s overall productivity for routine tasks completion and writing unit tests. Also, the Akvelon team is currently working on its own AI code review tool based on OpenAI, which is aimed at increasing the speed and quality of code reviews.

The team has prepared a full research of GitHub Copilot efficiency. For example, AI-driven software engineering teams that utilize GitHub Copilot are able to complete tasks 16% faster on average due to the tool's ability to provide accurate and context-aware code suggestions.

Development Lifecycle with AI Tools at Akvelon

At Akvelon, we have set procedures to ensure the code is secure and ask clients if they agree that our team uses AI tools for their projects. We carefully analyze the project requirements and specifications to understand whether using AI tools for software development is optimal.

In addition, we improve customer experience with an AI chatbot on the website. It automatically generates responses for our clients and tells about our services.

FTAPI provides comprehensive solutions to address the various hurdles associated with secure data exchange. The platform enables businesses to achieve sustainable and secure digitalization, automation, and scalability of essential processes, all accessible from a single source.

The company was established in Germany and has already become one of the leading vendors of cybersecurity solutions. FTAPI is one of the top tech companies using AI tools like GitHub Copilot, to ensure the security of valuable data.

AppMachine is a small-sized yet skilled software development company. Its ultimate mission is to create software that is secure, scalable, user-friendly, and robust.

Using AI tools AppMachine developed a solution allowing users to create web apps and native apps for both iPhone and Android platforms.

For internal tasks, such as language migration, deciphering legacy code, or data format conversion, Redfin has employed LLM models like ChatGPT. The utilization of AI tools has incontrovertibly demonstrated its indispensability in augmenting the efficiency of engineers across diverse domains.

Furthermore, Redfin has leveraged AI tools to improve customer service. When homeowners reach out to the customer service team questioning the pricing of their property based on the Redfin Estimate, software engineers have trained an LLM to provide plain language explanations for specific home valuations. This enables the company to relay valuable insights back to the customers, helping them understand the factors at play.

CosmoONE was established in June 2000, as Greece's pioneering software development company that uses AI and specializes in B2B Electronic Procurement, playing a crucial role in the formation and growth of the eBusiness sector.

At cosmoONE, they provide reliable and secure solutions to clients, aiming to reduce procurement costs and transform procurement processes. The company works with various industries such as telecommunications, banking, insurance, industry, and commerce.

Freshworks specializes in developing user-friendly software solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes, effortlessly empowering them to delight their employees and customers. With a focus on affordability, swift implementation, and end-user design, Freshworks' software-as-a-service is trusted by over 50,000 companies worldwide to enhance customer experience (CX, CRM) and employee experience (ITSM, HRSM).

According to the CEO of Freshworks, his company's employees have embraced the use of OpenAI's ChatGPT to streamline their code-writing process, resulting in significant time savings.

What Processes Can Be Automated with AI Tools?

AI tools have become increasingly popular among developers due to their ability to automate repetitive tasks, save time, and provide intelligent assistance. Regardless of the level of expertise and the technology stack used, developers can benefit from various AI tools that offer the following functionalities:

  • Code Suggestions. AI tools can provide intelligent suggestions for code implementation based on the context and desired functionality. These tools analyze code patterns, libraries, and APIs to offer recommendations that can enhance coding productivity.

  • Code Autocompletion. AI-powered code editors can automatically complete code snippets, function names, and variable declarations as developers type, reducing the need for manual typing and minimizing errors. These tools support various programming languages and frameworks.

  • Code Debugging and Cleaning. AI tools can assist in identifying and debugging errors in code by analyzing patterns, syntax, and logical structures. They can also provide suggestions for optimizing code and improving its readability, leading to more efficient and maintainable software.

  • Code Testing. AI tools can automate the testing process by generating test cases, identifying edge cases, and detecting potential bugs or vulnerabilities in the code. These tools can help ensure the reliability and correctness of the software.

Many of these AI tools seamlessly integrate with popular code editors and software commonly used in development, allowing software engineers to incorporate AI capabilities into their existing workflows.

Popular AI Tools for Software Development Available on the Market

It is crucial for software developers to leverage AI in order to expedite the design and development of software. There is a wide array of AI tools available that can aid software developers in their daily tasks. Here are only some relatively popular examples:

In addition, companies can harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to develop their own innovative tools aimed at streamlining various aspects of software development and testing.

By leveraging AI algorithms and techniques, organizations automate repetitive tasks, enhance code quality, and accelerate the overall development lifecycle.

AI-powered tools assist in code generation, help automatically detect bugs and vulnerabilities, optimize software performance, and provide intelligent recommendations for improving software design and architecture.

Integration of AI into the software development process not only increases efficiency but also enables developers to focus on more complex and creative aspects of their work, ultimately leading to faster delivery of high-quality software solutions.

Security Matters to Consider When Choosing Software Engineering Partners

When entering into a partnership with a software engineering company that uses AI tools to streamline the development process, it is crucial to address the transfer of sensitive information. It is important to understand how the company handles such data and what measures are in place to ensure the protection of your ideas, products, solutions, and confidential materials.

Additionally, it is necessary to assess the security of the solution being developed. Does the development team implement appropriate security practices? What level of security needs to be adopted? It is essential to inquire about the specific security measures employed by the development agency, as not all of them handle security concerns equally. Asking detailed questions will help clarify these aspects.

Considering cooperation with software engineering companies, that use AI to solve problems, you need to take into account the following points as well:

  • Licensing. One of the widespread concerns is that AI-powered code suggestions may contain matches from the training set that can potentially lead to intellectual property rights violations. Usually, teams use filters to detect and suppress suggestions with potential matches.

  • Code sharing. The code generated by AI cannot be shared with other users. Developers can choose whether the code snippets are collected, retained, or shared in the settings.

  • Data transmission. Sensitive data like source code snippets, repository URLs, and file patch has to be protected. Data in transmit has to be encrypted using TLS, and at rest using Microsoft Azure.

Legal issues to consider using AI tools

There are several more factors to consider when choosing a software engineering company:

  • Previous projects. It’s better to check if the vendor develops its own solutions for software engineering process automation. This will show the team’s understanding of the required technologies.

  • Market reputation. Consider the company’s reputation since collaborating with a partner who consistently misses deadlines and fails to prioritize the success of your project is counterproductive.

  • Personal reviews. Reach out to several of their previous clients and personally inquire about their experiences with outsourcing to the AI-powered software engineering company.

The Bottom Line: Why Choose Akvelon as Your AI-Supercharged Software Engineering Company?

Software development, as in many other industries, changes with AI. In order to maintain competitiveness, businesses must embrace advanced technologies and methodologies.

Collaborating with Akvelon, you will get a pioneering service provider that possesses the knowledge and experience to use AI safely within your projects. Our expertise with AI tools will enable you to accelerate feature delivery, ensuring faster time-to-market, so feel free to get in touch with our team.