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What Does Enthusiasm Bring to Job Interviews?

What Does Enthusiasm

We all struggle through a myriad of emotions when it comes time for a job interview.

Anxiety, excitement, stress… We get nervous just thinking about it.

Among all of the emotions we may feel during an interview, enthusiasm is the most important one to harness and showcase while you and the hiring manager decide if the job is a right fit for you.

It’s Natural to be Nervous

It’s completely natural to feel a mixture of nervousness and anxiety during an interview.

Nervousness can at times even have the power to psyche us out. It can take on a life of its own, even causing us to become more nervous simply because we are nervous about being nervous.

Whatever you do, don’t fall for this nervousness overload!

Remember that it’s natural to be nervous. The emotion actually makes your body release adrenaline, and this can be put to good use in your interviews. Once you recognize that it’s natural to be nervous before and during an interview, you can use the nervous energy (or adrenaline) to stay sharp as you answer every question.

| “Make the butterflies in your stomach fly in the same direction”

When I was practicing karate in my teens, I would often compete in tournaments around the state. My sensei noticed I’d get a little nervous before I stepped onto the mat, and he said something I’ll never forget, “make the butterflies in your stomach fly in the same direction.”

Don’t fight off nervousness. It’s natural. Use the energy it creates to be the best, most enthusiastic version of yourself in your next interview.

During the Interview

Focus on the current discussion, participate, ask questions, show involvement in the process, build trust with the person interviewing you, so they know you are in the moment, and your nervousness will fade away!

Enjoying What You Do Comes Naturally

Enjoying what you do is crucial to showing effective enthusiasm in an interview. Hiring managers love a candidate who can speak about their favorite aspects of an industry. It shows them you care about what you do.

You shouldn’t be afraid to speak about the coding languages, tech, and apps that you like the most. These topics may seem trivial, but they give the hiring manager insights into your sincerity and passion for your work.

When you like what you do, speaking enthusiastically about it comes easily.

You Want the Right Fit

There are so many opportunities out there. Especially for developers. This gives candidates the freedom to find the right fit for them in a company. Remember, during the interview process, the interview goes both ways, you need to be as impressed by the company as they are by you.

It’s great to come prepared with questions about the company culture, what the people are like on your potential team, and what a typical day is like. Hiring managers will be happy to answer these questions, and it’s another great way to show your enthusiasm for what you do and how seriously you take your career.

How Akvelon Helps You Through the Interview Process

We try our best to educate our candidates and get as much information as we can about the role, the project, the team and the overall vision for the role. We also do live pre-interviews for our candidates with our Akvelon Subject Matter Experts, which are a type of mock interview. This process helps to diminish the anxiety quite a bit.

Before you interview with the client you will interview with us, and we will make sure you do your homework about the client; download their latest app, learn about the vision for the company, their mission statement, learn about how they are getting into newer technologies, and what direction they are taking in terms of growth. The more you read and know about what is to be expected, the less anxious you will feel.

To learn more, check out our open positions and work with an Akvelon recruiter today.