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Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail Updated with Simple Flow and More Functionality

Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail Akvelon Chrome Extension

Gmail is one of the most popular free email clients, for a good reason. It’s simple, organized, does a great job filtering out spam, and provides free POP and IMAP options. This is why it’s really no surprise that so many people want to use it for personal and business purposes.

Gmail’s ubiquity and adoption inspired us to create a Chrome extension for the Dynamics CRM Integration with Gmail. Our goal was to create a way for people to perform the most common CRM tasks directly from Gmail, such as tracking emails, working with activities and creating records and contacts. Based on initial success and user uptake of the original implementation, today we’re releasing a new version of our Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail Chrome Extension with improved functionality, and a great new look that fits right into the Google style.

Version 3 Features

Increased Email Tracking Functionality

Our aim with Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail V3 is to make email tracking easier, so that users are not forced to take extra steps in organizing a CRM workflow. This is achieved with a new user interface and experience which fits seamlessly into the Gmail design for quick access to all CRM email tracking tools within the extension.

Now users are also able to quickly create new CRM entities directly from Gmail. All necessary attributes and set up options for relationships are included within the “Track Email” option. Users need only click save and close CRM and the new record will appear in the Gmail extension.

The new version also allows for users to get a quick glance of any emails currently being tracked with Dynamics CRM with green arrows, versus those which are not being track marked with red arrows.

Dynamics CRM Integration with Gmail Screenshot

As with previous versions, tracking emails can be set by “Record Type” within the “Set Regarding” tab in the “Track Email” option. This is a CRM iFrame connecting directly to your account in Dynamics.

Calendar Syncing

Users are now able to sync their Dynamics CRM calendar with Gmail or their Google Calendar with Dynamics CRM. For those of us who have several calendars on many different clients, this is a huge value add.
Dynamics CRM Integration with Gmail Akvelon Screenshot

Create and Review CRM Activities

The “Activities” tab for version 3 of Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail has been completely redesigned to support all types of CRM Activities. The “Activity” card displays detailed information snippets such as due date, time and duration, subject, priority, and descriptions (short and long versions). All activity fields are clickable and users can quickly open each “Activity” in CRM. In addition, we added the ability to filter, sort and search activities. Similar to the Dynamics CRM view/functionality, right in your Gmail. Finally, there is a new option to quickly create any type of “Activity” directly from Gmail to further the efficiency of your time and strategy.

Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail Akvelon Screenshot

Connecting with Akvelon’s Global Search

Dynamics CRM Integration with Gmail works great with Global Search and Global Preview applications. These separate tools for Dynamics CRM allow users to search, view, and navigate their CRM entities in one place. All tracked emails, contacts, leads, etc., created in Gmail will be available immediately in Dynamics CRM and in Global Search results.

Update or Try Today

Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail is now available on the Chrome Web Store and we are offering a 14 day free trial. Click here to add the Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail Chrome Extension to your browser now!