Akvelon | Akvelon Ivanovo Office Hosts Health and Fitness Technology Hackathon
Akvelon Ivanovo office hosts annual hackathon titled, "Hakvelon". 19 teams participated in this event and several winners were chosen for mutiple categories.
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14 Jan Akvelon Ivanovo Office Hosts Health and Fitness Technology Hackathon

Our Ivanovo office recently held their annual hackathon competition, “Hakvelon 2018”. This competition gave Akvelon employees the opportunity to showcase their abilities while participating in a little friendly competition with their peers. This year, the competition was centered around healthcare and fitness technology. A record 19 teams participated in this event, and several winners were selected.


Akvelon employees at Akvelon Ivanovo's Hakvelon competition

Akvelon employees at Hakvelon 2018


The Hakvelon Grand Prix prize went to team “The Pulse” (team members: Kirill Nesterovich and Egor Girichev) for their creation of a portable ECG sensor. This device could be extremely helpful to anyone who has been diagnosed with heart abnormalities because the sensor continuously monitors the user’s heart and overall health.The sensor can be controlled by the user’s mobile device and allows the data to be processed online. The ECG sensor uses the fastest possible decryption of data and the online processing has the capability to respond instantly to any changes. Very impressive work from team The Pulse!

The winners of the Grand Prix prize at Akvelon's Hakvelon competition

Team “The Pulse” accepting their Grand Prix Prize


Team “SmartMedbox” (team members: Ivan Balagurov and Alexey Sibrin) won the prize for “Best Hardware” with their automatic office first aid kit. This first aid kit not only contains the necessary supplies needed to keep an office safe and healthy, but it also tracks inventory and allows users to request medicine/supplies. With this project, offices can control the availability of medicine with timely replenishments and the option for employees to request medicine that best fits their needs. What a great combination of hardware technology and healthcare, team SmartMedbox!

The winners of the "Best Hardware" prize at Akvelon's Hakvelon competition

Team “Smart Medbox” accepting their prize for “Best Hardware”


Under the “Impressions” category, team “Akvelon.Fitness” (team members: Nikita Ovsov, Georgy Mamardashvili, and Maxim Petrov) won the prize for “Best Wow Effect”. This team created a system that uses a pull-up bar to count and track the user’s pull-ups. This project uses development software combined with a tablet and a Kinect sensor to automatically track the number of pull-ups an individual does while allowing control of the results and the ability to arrange pull-up competitions. Great work from the Akvelon.Fitness team!

The winners of the "Best Wow Effect" at Akvelon's Hakvelon competition

Team “Akvelon.Fitness” accepting their prize for “Best Wow Effect”


Finally, the Hakvelon competition delivered the “Best of the Rest” award to a group of three teams that created multiple projects. The winning teams included team Psy Bot (team member: Denis Subbotin), team Face Finder (team member: Sergey Vakhurin), and team KKS (team members: Sergey Dobrodeev, Konstantin Bogdanov, and Kirill Nikonov). One bot is for psychological assistance, another program has the ability to recognize employees in general photos, and the other bot allows remote employees to “be present” in the office. The “Best of the Rest” award was given to the team that had the best non-health/fitness related projects and these three groups really gave us their best!

The winners of the "Best of the Rest" prize at Akvelon's Hakvelon competition

Teams “Psy Bot”, “Face Finder”, and “KKS” accepting their “Best of the Rest” prize


We are very impressed with the work of every team that participated in our Ivanovo office’s Hakvelon competition. We are proud to have such a great network of employees who continuously demonstrate how  Akvelon uses technology to improve lives and make a difference in the world.

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