Case Studies

Case Study: Localization System for Application

Business need

Our client develops solutions for law enforcement, self defense and military. Their application is used to consolidate all digital evidence in one secure location and allow easy management.

To expand to the international market, the client needed to translate their software to several foreign languages.


An approach was developed and used to translate the application to several languages. Akvelon team developed special tools to extract translatable text from source code and move it to resource files. Akvelon’s localization tools reduced monotonous process of extracting strings to one-click process.

After extracting all text, localizable resources were uploaded to online translation service “Transifex”. Akvelon team also developed Python scripts downloading latest version of translated resources and embedding them into application. Our team updated the client’s build process to use these scripts, so every new version of the application automatically included latest version of translated resources.

After all translation work was finished, Akvelon team performed manual testing of the application.


Benefits and Results


  • The application was prepared for localization and translated to several languages. This allowed the client to rapidly expand to international market.
  • Addition of any new language localization will not require additional code development for the client.


Products and Technologies used

C#, VB.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, MSSQL, Python