Case Studies

Case Study: Medical Platform for Behavioral Health Company


Our client is a well-known behavioral health platform.


Business Need

The company needed the wide range of services, connected with the extension of functionality, product testing, consulting their product managers by our specialists, developers’ infrastructure maintenance.



  • Implementation of new features, which cover different EHR and behavioral health aspects.
  • Various data work: filling, storage and modification of differently structured information, such as patients’ medical history, diagnosis, allergies, treatment program, survey data, etc. Processing of external patients’ documents, such as PDF documents and scans.
  • Integration with third-party services, modifications of billing system, system of data reporting to the public authority development.
  • Manual and automated product testing.
  • Consulting of the company’s product managers by our specialists, which possessed the product’s as well as technical knowledge.
  • Test rig development, Continuous Integration providing, process automation



Benefits and Results

As a result of Akvelon specialists’ intensive work with the company, our customer has the following benefits:

  • We proposed and implemented the solution for an easy adjustment of the reporting system to public authorities in different States. As a result, there is no need to adopt the company’s platform for each State’s legislation by programmers’ labor.
  • Akvelon’s specialists developed daily e2e automated testing system, that covers the main features of the company’s app. This system significantly reduced time of manual testing during the release. As well the system finds critical errors during the day.
  • Our team proposed and implemented the process and tools for a Quality department. This made it possible to organize the re-use of test cases, made the testing process of each task transparent, made it possible to collect metrics on problem areas of the application.
  • Akvelon’s team has implemented more than 60 features, more than 1000 bugs were fixed.
  • We are currently working on the further implementation of the company’s needs and maintain the app’s services.



Technology Used

.Net, .Net Core, C#, WebAPI, Javascript, React, Angular 1.5, HTML5, Semantic UI, LESS/CSS, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Elastic search, AWS Kinesis, AWS SNS/SQS, AWS S3, Microservices, Swagger, Node.js, Gerkin, Selenium, WebdriverIO, Git, Ansible, Terraforms, Linux, Windows, Jenkins