Case Studies

Case Study: Source Code Editor for Technology Company


Our client is one of the biggest computer software and consumer electronics company in the world.


Business Need

Our client needed to increase the number of the source code editor’s users. It included communication with customers, adding new extensions and features, identification of complaints, maintaining of existing services.



  • Analysis and improvement of program bugs and users’ issues solving.
  • Сommunication with consumers, identification of customer needs
  • React-native extensions development from zero point.
  • Maintaining Cordova extension.
  • Adding new features, required and useful for customers.
  • Support of existing services.



Benefits and Results

  • As a result of intensive work with customers’ feedback, Akvelon detected and implemented the most demanded by users features and extensions, such as react-native and others
  • Akvelon’s decisions and improvements made source code editor more convenient for developers and programmers.
  • Many users’ issues and program bugs were fixed.
  • Actually Akvelon continues to maintain the services of the source code editor.


Technology Used

TypeScript, Node.js, Mocha, React Native(iOS, Android), Cordova