Case Studies

Case Study: Smart Scheduler and Lime Bot for Limeade


Business Need

Limeade, an employee engagement platform, wanted to increase users’ participation in engagement activities by introducing weekly emails that suggest activities and available time slots by analyzing users’ calendars. One of the challenges was reading users’ calendar data, which could potentially include sensitive or private data. Limeade and Akvelon leveraged a partnership with Microsoft and gained access to early preview of Graph Data Connect technology. This allows customers to control how calendar data is shared, e.g. only allow access to start and end dates for calendar events, while protecting subjects and contents of appointments.


Akvelon implemented an Azure Managed Application that leveraged such technologies as Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, and Graph Data Connect. This allows the system to safely load customer’s data, process it and generate personalized emails for users with activity suggestions and time slots options. Outlook Actionable Messages was used for a seamless experience and allowed native Outlook events scheduling experience. In additional, Akvelon implemented a chat-bot for Microsoft Teams and other messengers which enabled users to choose and schedule activities for them in a natural language conversions.


Benefits and Results

Akvelon has delivered all necessary components of the solution for Limeade and provided Microsoft with insights and feedback on early-preview tech.

  • Documented and shared expertise with early-preview cutting edge tech from Microsoft
  • Limeade Azure Managed application is planning to be published to Azure Marketplace
  • Limeade Bot is planning to be published to Microsoft Teams Store


Technologies Used

C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft Azure, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Microsoft Graph API, Graph Data Connect, Microsoft Bot Framework.