Case Studies

Case Study: MoveIt! App for iOS


Perlego Systems, Inc. is the only provider of end-to-end mobile device lifecycle management solutions that allow enterprises, resellers, and device manufacturers to effectively manage deployed smart wireless devices, regardless of platform or carrier. Perlego provides value the moment the handset leaves the manufacturer. The Perlego solution is based on proven technology and delivered via a “software as a service” approach.


Business Need

Before MoveIt! There were no simple means of migrating one’s phone content to another, no matter what the phone’s platform/OS was.

Smartphone users had to search for external synchronization tools to merge data from one device to another. For iOS, they were required to use iTunes & iCloud. For Android, there was Google Accounts for contacts & calendar synchronization, but no convenient means to transfer media data (images & videos) without registering to some third-party cloud service like Dropbox. Moreover, data merging between iOS & Android was even more complicated.

As a result, Akvelon worked with Perlego to establish the MoveIt! product, which gives users an opportunity for easy cross-platform transfer of all viable data from one phone to another using only a WiFi connection. Akvelon’s main task was to develop the app for the iOS platform.


MoveIt! is a mobile application for Android & iOS that allows the user to pair two devices with each other via WiFi connection and perform a quicker and more convenient data transfer between them. Once the user starts the application, he or she will have the option of either sending or receiving data.

By choosing to send data, the user can select what data he or she wants to transfer, making the process much more organized.

After the sending process goes over WiFi connection, the transfer will begin. Both sides of the application use duplicate detection to shorten transfer time & enhance user experience.


Benefits and Results

  • Users can now easily transfer all of their sensible data from one device to another through a common WiFi connection.
  • Users can share images and videos with their friends without using a desktop
  • Users can migrate to a new smartphone without being worries that some of their contacts or other information might get lost.


Technology Used

  • The application was developed for iOS devices with the minimum requirement of iOS 4.3 or higher, using the latest XCode & iOS SDK 6.0.
  • Akvelon used as little third-party technologies & components as possible to make the application available to a wider audience. All functions were developed using native iOS SDK capabilities.
  • The transfer process is controlled by a simple peer-to-peer protocol developed by the Perlego team.
  • Calendars & Address Book data export/import utilizes simplified, but standard-compliant vCard format.