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Salesforce Integration for Gmail Extension Free Edition Now Available!

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If there is one thing that a great salesperson lacks, it’s time. Time is crucial when your very livelihood depends on how many sales calls you make and how many deals you close each day.  Between customer meetings, traveling, CRM, and everything else in the sales process,  the days just don’t seem long enough. We all know that time is money,  so how would you like to get some of it back? 

Luckily with Akvelon’s new Salesforce Integration for Gmail Google Chrome extension, you can save time without breaking the bank. In fact, you can download it for free today on the Chrome Web Store!


                                                          Check out this video below to see it in action!

Save Time Through Integration

More than 150,000 companies are currently using Salesforce, the world’s top CRM platform. One of the greatest benefits of Salesforce is that users can take care of almost every CRM task within the platform, minimizing the time spent switching between CRM activities.

However, it lacks something that could save users even more time: integration with their email. Users have to constantly hop between Salesforce and their email to keep track of their conversations with their customers. They also must input events by hand from their Google Calendar into Salesforce, and one typo could result in missing a crucial client meeting.

With our new Salesforce Integration for Gmail Chrome extension, users can save even more time by integrating their Gmail account and syncing their Google Calendar with Salesforce. Users will see time savings because they can:

  • Track particular email replies directly into Salesforce without leaving Gmail
  • View, filter, sort, search, and create Salesforce activities within Gmail
  • Synchronize events between Google Calendar and Salesforce
  • Create Salesforce entities while in Gmail
  • Synchronize email contacts from Gmail to Salesforce
  • And more!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the time-saving features that this extension has to offer.

Track Emails Directly Into Salesforce

Users can cut steps out of the CRM workflow by tracking particular email replies from Gmail directly into Salesforce. While in Gmail, users simply click on the email and then click on the letter icon on the far right of each reply in the thread. They will then be given the option to track it with or without setting a Regarding field, which will organize it into the proper CRM entity in Salesforce. Users can also create new Salesforce entities from within Gmail.

To check the status of each email reply, users look at the color of the arrow on the right of the thread or the letter symbol on the right of each reply: Red means that the thread or the email is too large to track due to Salesforce limitations, yellow means that some replies haven’t been tracked yet, and green means that the replies have been tracked into Salesforce already.

View, Filter, Sort, Search, and Create Salesforce Activities

From Gmail, users can also view their Salesforce activities. The name of the activity will be shown as well  as the date that it is due, the name of the account it is related to, the phone number attached to the activity, and a brief description of the activity, which can be expanded. The activities which are displayed can be sorted and filtered to help narrow down what types of activities the user wants to see. The user can also search for a specific type of activity. For example, if they type “John Smith”, all activities related to this account will appear.

Should they need to create a new activity, the user needn’t leave Gmail and open Salesforce: they can create a new activity directly from Gmail by clicking the “Create New” button and inputting the necessary information.


Calendar Synchronization

From Gmail, the user can sync their Google Calendar with Salesforce by enabling the option for automatic 2 Way calendar sync. In the Settings tab, the user can select how often the calendars will automatically sync. This eliminates the need to manually input meetings, appointments, and events into both calendars, saving time as well as reducing the risk of accidentally entering the wrong information while transferring data.

Download the it for Free Today!

Salesforce Integration for Gmail is now available on the Chrome Web Store for free! Click here to add Salesforce Integration for Gmail Chrome Extension to your browser today!


To learn even more about this extension, click here.


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