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Akvelon Furthers Employee Education with Internal Machine Learning Course

All of us in the tech industry know that your education does not end after university, or even after a few years into your career. This industry is ever-changing, as new trends and technologies develop and completely shake up the status quo. As such, it is imperative that every technologist keeps on top of their education and constantly sharpens their skill sets. At Akvelon, we wholeheartedly believe that educating our teams on the latest tech is crucial. That is why we have launched an internal Machine Learning Course at our Ivanovo office.

Our Machine Learning course is taught by Akvelon Senior Data Scientist Anton Nesterenko. During this 3-month course, Anton will focus on teaching his students about Classic Machine Learning. It will cover topics such as teaching with and without a teacher, intelligence data analysis, and working with a times series. Over 35 Akvelon employees are currently attending the lessons in person, and 15 more are attending the lessons virtually through our online broadcasts.

Goal of the Course

“The main goal of the school is to give an idea on how Machine Learning algorithms work and how  to work with data” says Anton, “and most importantly, we want our company to be filled with people who are engaged in machine learning”. At Akvelon, our goal is to build up our team of machine learning  experts so that we can start working on more projects in that field. 

Course Agenda

Anton’s course will go over the following topics:

  1. Analysis of tabular data
  2. Classification on tabular data
  3. Regression on tabular data
  4. Basics of working with text data
  5. How to work with time series
  6. Practical data skills

We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who actively helped Anton Nesterenko organize this machine learning course, including Lead Software Developer Ilya Polishchuk, HR Director Nadezhda Masaleva, Office Manager Regine Kubarskaya, and Senior Software Development Engineer Ivan Balagurov. As the popularity of the course grows, it is clear that Akvelon’s ranks are eager to keep up-to-date and on top of the latest tech trends.

Akvelon a Partner and Mentor at AI Hackathon

Akvelon was a partner at the AI Hackathon in Kharkiv Ukraine, and our own Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist Danylo Kosmin mentored competitors throughout the competition. Read more here.