Company Updates

Akvelon a Partner and Mentor at AI Hackathon

The future of technology is driven by the new and aspiring developers who will create it. Akvelon wants to not only build the technology of tomorrow, but also to help shape the technology of the future. That is why we have been investing our time and resources into the education and growth of budding software developers.

In recent months, we have invited students to our DevDay event in Ivanovo, hosted a quiz at the Hours of Coding event in Kazan, launched a React Course at Kazan Federal University, and hosted a SLAM workshop in Kharkiv. This month, we took our efforts to Kharkv, Ukraine where we were a partner at a two-day AI Hackathon for students, and one of our brightest machine learning engineers was even a mentor for the participants.

The AI Hackathon

The Hackathon was held in the Synergy Scientific Park, the largest scientific park in Kharkiv, Ukraine offering over 30 classes on topics ranging from SEO to UI/UX Web Design. The event was put on by TechTalents and was based on the Kharkiv National University of radioelectronics. Over 9 teams of up to 5 team members competed in the hackathon, with several experts present to help mentor them.

Akvelon AI Expert Mentors

One of the mentors at this Hackathon was Akvelon’s Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist Danylo Kosmin. Throughout both days at the Hackathon, Danylo helped the competitors with their projects, giving advice on which tools were best suited for accomplishing various tasks and suggesting the most optimal solutions when the need arose.

Akvelon’s Presentation to Promote Internships

Danylo also delivered a presentation on Akvelon, speaking about:

  • Akvelon internships, encouraging them to apply
  • Our increasing expertise with AI technology
  • Kaggle competitions which we regularly compete in
  • Hackvelons, which are internal hackathons that we host often
  • Workshops that we host which are open to the public to attend

Winners of the Competition

The 1st place prize was awarded to a team who developed a project with a theme of ecology. They created a mobile application that classifies objects as a certain type of recycle or garbage including plastic, metal, paper, and hazardous waste. The goal of their project was to make it easier to decipher what can and cannot be recycled, as many people unknowingly toss garbage and hazardous waste into their recycle bins. The team was awarded with Raspberry Pi single board computers, T-shirts, and backpacks.

Proud Partners

Being a partner at this event proved to be a great experience for Akvelon’s Kharkiv office. We held a booth with fun games for attendees to play and also passed out “Welcome Bags” that contained notebooks, cups, pens, chocolates, and leaflets about our internship program. Danylo Kosmin was a great mentor, providing competitors with valuable one-on-one time and excellent advice on AI and Machine Learning. We are happy for any opportunity to help educate the software developers and engineers of tomorrow so we can make a lasting impact on the technology.