Case Studies

Case Study: Go Chat

Business Need

Ease of deployment, strong concurrency, and a simple syntax make “Go” a great language to build fast, scalable applications that grow alongside your business. To keep up with the industry trend, Akvelon employees decided to gain “Go” expertise by developing a messenger with the following features:
-Ability to create private rooms for users
-Option to invite users to private chats by admins
-Ability to send files

Instant messenger can sync up to the “Go” application because it can take advantage of Go’s integrated support for concurrent operations. “Go” routines and channels can be used to process a large number of incoming requests without overcomplicating the source code.

Our team developed a chat application with back-end in “Go” and front-end in Angular and TypeScript. The app utilizes WebSocket protocol to provide real-time data exchange between server and client. All data is stored in MongoDB database. The application currently supports public chat rooms and private messaging.

Benefits and Results
Chat was released to private internal network. The results of the release:
-Team gained expertise in development of applications using “Go”
-Live chat application released in private environment

Technology Used
Go language, MongoDB, Angular, TypeScript, Gin, Web Sockets