Case Studies

Case Study: Inrix Traffic


Inrix is the leading provider of real-time, historical and predictive traffic information offering the broadest coverage, exceptional accuracy, innovative technologies and a unique approach to ensuring the success of their customers’ navigation and traffic-enabled solutions.


Business Need

When the company was founded nearly a decade ago, drivers and departments of transportation relied on expensive sensors installed in a few roads to understand real-time traffic conditions. However, this approach was expensive to install and maintain, and only covered a few roads. INRIX took a different approach, revolutionizing how traffic information was created by analyzing data from the vehicles themselves. The logic was if you could analyze traffic information from the vehicles, you could understand traffic conditions everywhere. Crowd-sourcing and INRIX was born.

The main goal of the project was developing of the mobile application to place the power of the world’s largest driving community into smartphone to collect and analyze traffic data. On the other hand, this app should transform smartphone into personal traffic reporter with up-to-the-minute insight into current traffic conditions as well as traffic forecasts for all highways, city streets and other heavily traveled local roads in 32 countries.



INRIX® XDTM Traffic is a mobile app that helps driver be there on time for the important people and events in their lives. Choose the fastest route, get recommended departure times to your destination in traffic and easily share your arrival time with friends and family.

Akvelon has collaborated with INRIX to release iPhone, Android and RIM version of the app and helped with improvement of INRIX Mobile SDK. Mobile application offers customers a GPS enabled mobile map with traffic information overlaid and custom routes information. Allows user to view future traffic conditions, perform cities search, provides follow-me functionality. Provides functionality for user defined incidents reporting, grading, editing and viewing incident reporter’s statistics.


Benefits and Results

Winner of MacWorld 2010 Best of Show!

This app puts the power to go anywhere in the palm of your hand. With real-time traffic and traffic forecasts, as well as community traffic and speed trap alerts this app is prepares you to travel roads across the U.S. and Canada.

Precision Traffic

INRIX covers more roads with greater accuracy than any other app providing consumers with insight for more than 1 million miles of highways, interstates, city streets and heavily trafficked local roads – 2x the coverage of any other app. Accurate within 2 mph of actual traffic speeds, INRIX‘s traffic intelligence is fueled by more sources than any other app including a crowd-sourced network of more than 70 million drivers – the largest in the world.

Reliable Traffic Forecasts

INRIX Traffic Forecasts help drivers plan ahead illustrating how traffic conditions are expected to change up to 8 hours ahead of their next trip. INRIX uniquely analyzes the impacts of local events such as concerts, sporting events, weather and even school schedules to help drivers reliably avoid traffic.


Technology Used

70+ man-months
Android OS:
Technologies: Java, Dalvik VM, Android SDK
Development Environment: Eclipse, Android Studio
Used languages: Objective C
Technologies: iPhone applications development
Development Environment – XCode, Mac OS
Blackberry OS:
Technologies: Java, Blackberry JDE 4.5.0/4.7.0.
Development Environment: Eclipse, NetBeans.


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