Case Studies

Case Study: Lookout Mobile Application Feature Development


Lookout is a global leader in protecting mobile data, privacy, and security. Ever since discovering security vulnerabilities involving Bluetooth signals, Lookout has taken a mobile-first approach to security. Today, Lookout protects mobility for some of the world’s largest enterprises, critical government agencies, and tens of millions of individuals worldwide. They achieved this feat by partnering with leaders in the mobile ecosystem globally. With Lookout, the promise of secure mobility is now a reality – the basis for trust in a world without data borders.

Business Need

As the world starts to rely more on mobility, personal information is stored in many services and devices across the internet. Although this is convenient for our daily lives, it is an open invitation for criminals to breach the services storing this information – especially if it’s information associated with personal identities. Research from Lookout found that 60 percent of U.S. respondents have shopped or interacted with a business/company that has been hacked. Shockingly, Lookout reported that only 65 percent of victims of data breaches were alerted and notified within the first month.

Realizing the extreme risks and dangers of the studies, Lookout decided they needed to create a new tool for the personal app for individuals who are concerned about the safety of their digital identity and financial data. This resulted in implementing the identity theft protection and breach report feature. Lookout needed a team capable of developing the front end of the new feature as well as taking charge of the testing phases. Akvelon was selected as the vendor to prepare the technical design of the features, take charge of UI development, and conduct the testing phase of the new features while meeting the requirements of security and privacy regulations.


This project required an experienced team of developers and designers in various technologies that understood the implications and importance of mobile security. Akvelon’s team was given the task to create the technical schematics of the new feature, ensuring that every aspect met the security and privacy standards of the client. In addition to developing the technical design of the client application (UI), Akvelon’s team took charge of testing to guarantee that there were no loopholes or security concerns. Akvelon’s team helped Lookout to:

Develop SSN Watch, a feature that gathers a history of the user’s names, addresses, and other records that are associated with their Social Security Network and proactively notifies them of any changes that could signal fraudulent account activity and theft

• Develop the UI of the Identity Protection and Breach Report, a system that alerts users whenever a company, app or service they use suffers a data breach. It also sends them clear and straightforward advice on how best to remediate the situation

Develop Cyber Watch, a feature that protects user identity by monitoring their personal and financial information and alerts them if anything is found to be exposed online

Develop Social Media Watch, a feature that monitors the user’s social media accounts to check if their personal information is at risk and protects their online reputation by sending them alerts if they have been tagged in posts with offensive content

Integrate T-Mobile subscription and billing including UX and business logic functionality

Integrate a flexible licensing mechanism based on deep links and Smart Code Licenses

Integrate the AT&T VPN feature and build UI around it. Akvelon’s team white labeled the UI and implemented user authentication based on AT&T and Lookout infrastructure

Perform various testing phases: unit testing & robo-electric testing

Reduce testing cycle from five days to two – with faster validation per device (due to the test framework mentioned above)

Mock API using Mockito framework (while server API’s were being developed)

Ensure stabilization of features

Plan precautionary steps to not cache and/or store personal data

Ensure that the server storage is compliant and meets the requirements of security and privacy

Develop different versions and customization of the application for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, KDDI, Orange, and EE

Benefits & Results

Akvelon successfully developed and shipped the final product to Lookout on time. As a result, Lookout was able to implement the new feature on their mobile app and released the newest version on-schedule through Google Play and the App Store. Akvelon delivered value through:
• Successfully creating and implementing the new feature throughout the app
• Developing a satisfactory technical design (UI) of the client application
• Owning the testing phase and preload validation of the app
• Reducing the testing cycle from five days to two days
• Certifying the application for new devices entering the market
• On-time, on-budget project delivery