Case Studies

Case Study: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft- one of the largest software and technology companies in the world.

Business Need

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is an integrated marketing management solution for marketing operation, planning, execution, and analytics across all channels—digital, social, and traditional.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing brings together sales and marketing for effective collaboration. Sales can have visibility into marketing activities specific to the account or contact and can provide feedback.

With Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, marketers can generate analytics on campaign performance and initiatives to determine return on marketing investment.


Akvelon team was working on designing/implementation of new features, improving performance, fixing product issues, analysis and resolving of customer’s incidents, improving quality of product implementing unit/integration/scenario/performance tests.


The main features:

  • Synchronization of the marketing lists between Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Microsoft Dynamics CRM;
  • SDK service for Contacts and Lists
  • Campaign automation – provides powerful functions that let you plan, execute, track, and analyze marketing campaigns across multiple channels
  • Seller Collaboration Panel – gives you an overview of which marketing messages are reaching which specific contacts. This is important information for salespeople, making sure that they are well informed about which communications their customers have been receiving when they meet with them
  • Marketing Calendar – provides an intuitive interface by showing campaign activities in a timeline view. It helps marketing managers get an overview of all present, past, and future campaign activities – and provides a visual comparison to similar campaigns.
  • Email and SMS marketing, tracking of email marketing results
  • Custom alert notifications
  • Double Opt-In feature
  • HTML File Explorer
  • Geneva monitoring


Akvelon team also worked on creation of brand new version of Marketing (Dynamics 365 for Marketing) using microservices architecture and Service Fabric clusters in many product areas like creation of infrastructure for microservices architecture, implementation core marketing functionality, creation of brand new email editor control, implementation of unit/integration/scenario/performance tests.

Benefits and Results

  • Scalable high volume application
  • Akvelon members helped to design and implement brand new Email Editor control which are reusable in many other Microsoft teams
  • Akvelon members helped to improve code coverage with Unit/Integration/Scenario tests
  • Akvelon helped to prepare infrastructure for running and analysis of performance tests
  • Akvelon proposed and implemented additional application improvements to drive client’s revenue growth
  • Akvelon team helped to improve quality and performance of legacy Marketing product


Technology Used

C#, MS SQL Server, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, backbone.js, CSS, PowerShell, Azure Service Fabric, Azure Table Storage, Azure Blob Storage, CosmosDB, Azure Key Vault, Entity Framework, Azure Event Hub