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Akvelon Launches React Course at Kazan Federal University

Akvelon has launched a “React & Complimentary Tech Stack” course at Kazan Federal University. The course is taught by Akvelon Software Development Engineer Sergei Volynkin of our Kazan office. Sergei’s class is comprised of both bachelor and master level students from the Higher Institute of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems (HI ITIS) department of the university.  The course is intended to give students the opportunity to gain knowledge on Front-End engineering from elementary to junior level.


The Higher Institute of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems

According to their website, the Higher Institute of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems is one of the youngest departments at Kazan Federal University, but has also proven to be the most innovative. Large IT companies such as  Microsoft, Fujitsu, and IBM have supported the HI ITIS from its beginning. While the majority of the classes are taught by professors and scientists, on occasion special courses are taught by top developers, engineers, and tech experts, such as Sergei.


Progress Report

So far, the class has been going very well for Sergei and his students.

“We’ve managed to organize a great group of undergraduate students for this course”, says Sergei. “The audience is very involved and interested in the material – this gives a lot of inspiration for me as a teacher. I feel confident that we can achieve great results in improving student’s skills in React & related technologies”.

Students are the future of technology, and Akvelon is happy to play a part in their education. This is a great example of how our tech experts use their knowledge to influence and enhance their communities. Thank you Sergei for sharing your expertise with the students at Kazan Federal University!

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