Case Studies

Case Study: Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Marketing and Analytics


Microsoft is a Fortune 500 company that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells computer software, consumer electronics, and more.

Business Need

Microsoft acquired a marketing platform which was a crucial extension for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, allowing users to enhance marketing and sales campaigns. They needed their MDM platform to perform as an all-in-one marketing solution, helping users to manage their marketing campaigns (email, SMS and other custom channels) utilizing existing CRM capabilities. It should also analyse, interpret, and visualize the results of the campaigns transforming, then into powerful customer insights.


Akvelon’s Engagement

Akvelon helped create a standard workflow for the automation of marketing campaigns, providing users with a step-by-step guide on running a campaign. To help users define the right audience to be contacted, Akvelon added the ability to create segments from contacts list by applying filters, for instance allowing users to filter by region, age, etc. This became possible because of CRM and MDM seamless integration. Akvelon helped with template creation, developing a solution that allows various parameters to be considered when creating a template. Depending on the campaign goals, multiple links, QR-codes, and third-party integrations can be added. The campaign progress can be navigated through the panel.


The MDM analytics were particularly important. Mail tracking allowed users to collect and record all the interactions made with emails that were sent through the platform, from basic open and click rate to email sharing/forwarding rate, lead-to-customer conversion rate or any other project-specific metrics. The system built by Akvelon’s team collected additional customer data by their IP addresses (like region, devices in use, interests) and then transmit this data to the Customer Insights platform which then used this data for customers profiling. The campaign results tracking was another key point for further communications with customers; especially when it came to triggering newsletters set up; a particular trigger (for example, button click) ran a series of other activities.

Business Impact

Akvelon’s team successfully extended the MDM platform with the following features support:

  • Audience targeting by applying any custom filters
  • Creating campaign assets quickly with a wide range of inbuilt templates
  • Tracking and measuring campaigns results / Interactive dashboards
  • Personalizing customer journeys based on their past interactions