Case Studies

Case Study: GCP Migration Research


Akoya Biosciences, Inc. is a biotechnology company that offers high-parameter tissue analysis from discovery through clinical & translational research.

Business Need

Akoya Biosciences, Inc. needed to migrate their CODEX® platform from AWS to another cloud provider. CODEX®, which Akvelon helped to develop, is a platform that provides a comprehensive solution for spatially-resolved, highly multiplexed biomarker analysis. Akoya Biosciences, Inc. wanted to migrate their platform to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to save from the excessive cost of ownership of the existing AWS solution. Akoya Biosciences asked Akvelon to research and provide a quote for this migration.

Akvelon’s Engagement

CODEX® is a compute-heavy biotechnology solution that is aimed at ingesting, managing, processing and viewing large sets of imagery data in the cloud, including features for teams and single-users.

Akvelon researched and developed a technical design which implements GCP and fully matches features from the previous AWS platform, ensuring effective resource usage, scalability and reliability.

Technologies used

The following key components from GCP were included in the technical design:

  • Cloud Storage for imagery data
  • Cloud SQL as relational database storage
  • Cloud Dataproc for processing tasks management
  • AppEngine for web-app hosting


Akvelon conducted the research, developed a technical design, and submitted a quote to Akoya Biosciences, Inc. Akvelon’s quote laid out the following benefits:

  • Full match of functionality between existing AWS solution and the new solution in GCP
  • Reduced cost of ownership due to effective resource usage planning
  • Met or exceeded existing non-functional requirements such as scalability, reliability, etc.