Case Studies

Case Study: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Call Tracker

Business Need

Dynamics CRM/Salesforce users needed a way to track activities from their phone calls into CRM automatically.


Our team created an app that provides the ability to add calls and messages to Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Salesforce directly from an Android mobile phone.

Features include:

  • Easily track incoming and outgoing calls and messages as activities in Dynamics CRM/Salesforce
  • Ability to attach calls to the following records in Dynamics CRM/Salesforce: Account, Contact, Lead.
  • Add Voice Notes
  • Create rules to automatically enable / disable call tracking for Contacts
  • “Busy” feature that adds calls later from your Call Log
  • Track calls offline – pending activities will automatically sync when internet connection is restored


Benefits and Results

The app allows users the ability to save time by easily tracking calls and messages into CRM automatically. The application is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.


Technologies Used

Java, Android SDK 4.x and Nina Mobile SDK (Nuance)