Case Studies

Case Study: T-Mobile PRCA Testing


T-Mobile USA, Inc. is an American mobile-network operator that provides wireless voice, messaging, and data services. The company has 33.73 million customers and annual revenues of US$21.35 billion. Its nationwide network reaches 96% of Americans.


Business Need

For every release of a new app or device, T-Mobile required a testing of preloaded applications, a job originally staffed with internal positions. Nevertheless, as T-Mobile no longer had the budget to retain many of these contractor testing positions, the company decided to offload the highly variable work to a vendor. As a result, Akvelon partnered with T-Mobile to provide a high caliber of testing, which included additional added-value services for the project. Akvelon’s efficiency and high-quality work has contributed greatly to T-Mobile, which plans on continuing this work stream in the future.


Akvelon partnered with T-Mobile to provide an end-to-end mobile testing solution that is fast and flexible. Akvelon’s team designed a rigorous testing schedule for each new device or application, using a combination of manual and
automated testing to maximize the team’s ability to find and report bugs, while also meeting tight release deadlines. Akvelon’s process includes:

  • Testing the functionality of applications
  • Testing of new versions of applications as they release across base-line devices.
  • Power and security testing to determine if applications are efficient with battery life and safe from malicious requests.

Moreover, Akvelon has been able to maintain a dedicated team of mobile application testers and project managers who interface directly with the client on a weekly basis. They provide results, analysis, and recommendations to T-Mobile. Based on our recommendations, T-Mobile either approves or rejects various mobile applications from their production devices.

Overall, Akvelon provides testing as a service to T-Mobile, who has been able to fully turn this project over to us and rely solely on our expertise and experience.


Benefits and Results

Increased productivity through rapid diagnosis and resolution of issues

  • Quality assurance achieved by establishing consistent testing processes
  • Significantly reduced release time for new applications and devices
  • Coming up on 2 years of Preloads testing:
    • 92 different applications tested over this period
    • 52 devices tested over this period
    • Reduce costs by just over 40%


Technology Used

Android, iOS, Windows Phone and RIM testing and Subject Matter Experts