Case Studies

Case Study: Wireless Solution for Sports Organization

Business Need

A major sports organization was looking to replace stationary-phone stadium communication solutions with a modern wireless based solution. A popular cellular phone company proposed a closed-group private calling solution using picocells and Android handsets. The solution can be deployed on stadiums to provide reliable communication means as well as potentially leverage in future benefits of mobile communication devices.

The cellular phone company contracted Akvelon for design and implementation of entire solution from the ground up.


A scalable system, which fully complied with customer requirements, brought innovative solutions in communication security control. It also featured a web portal for game scheduling and enabled devices to communicate during games per set schedule. 24/7 monitoring process with global dashboard was setup to ensure all 30 USA-wide deployments were functioning correctly.

Benefits and Results

Akvelon successfully delivered the project on time, building an application that fully complied with customer requirements. The system allowed game and device management through web portal and also allowed in-field communication of dugouts and bullpens per schedule.

Client benefits:

  • New, modern technology was implemented
  • High security of communication and device usage including anti-theft features was included
  • Ability to communicate during the games
  • Reduction of cost


Technology Used

Windows Azure SDK, Picocells, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Modified System Image, Android SDK