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Akvelon Continues to Help Educate Students, Employee Hosts Quiz at “Hours of Coding” Event

From launching a new React Course at Kazan Federal University, to inviting university students to see a day in the life of an Akvelon programmer at our Ivanovo office, Akvelon has been investing more time and energy into the education of young students throughout Eastern Europe. Keeping with this theme, developer Alexander Goncharov of our Yaroslavl office helped out at the “Hours of Coding“, a competition for high school students.


















Yaroslavl State University
The event is organized by Yaroslavl State University of Demidov and the Student Scientific Society of Information faculty. Yaroslavl State University is a unique school as it has two founding years, both in 1918 and 1970, making it both one of the youngest and one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe, according to their website. Today, the university is considered one of the leading higher educational institutions of the Upper-Volga region.
















Event Details

This event had over 180 participants, and hosted activities from sports programming to phrase analyzing to design and much more. The purpose of this event was to educate and train high school students while increasing their interest in IT technology. To help out at this event, Alexander held a quiz for competition participants that contained questions about programming, coding, and some general facts about IT technology. The quiz was administered through an app and the participants received points depending on how quickly they answered questions correctly, and several winners received fun prizes.


















Akvelon Gets Involved

After reflecting on this experience, Alexander said that this event was very beneficial both for him as a presenter, and for the student participants as well. He believes the students had a great time at the competition and was excited to see that they all seemed very interested in IT technology.

This is a great example of how Akvelon gets involved in our local communities by encouraging local students to pursue a future in technology. Learn more about the other ways Akvelon has worked with high school and college students to help them realize their potential as future technologists below!