Company Updates

Akvelon Creates Facial Recognition Security System

In order to increase convenience while maintaining security, our Ivanovo office invented PassFace, a security system that uses facial recognition technology to identify employees and grant them access to the office building using only their faces. This system cuts out the need for an access card, making it easier for employees to access the building while also reducing the cost of providing and replacing access cards. The advanced technology protects the office, employees, and information. This system also has the ability to display welcome messages and other information at the entrance of the building, providing another great way to communicate with employees.

How it Works

With a 95% accuracy rate, the system has been trained to identify employees from their employee photos, and additional hardware molecules were created to work with the existing security system in the office building. The recognition system interacts with an Android application, as well as nearby devices to allow interface control for configuration as well as a logging system.

Technologies such as Typescript, Python, HTML5, Java, and .Net Core were used to create this top-of-the-line system. The API used to create the security system can also be used for different applications as well, creating countless opportunities for future projects.




Improving Office Life

The PassFace facial recognition security system is designed to improve overall safety and convenience for everyday work life.  By eliminating the need for access cards, employees no longer need to dig through their bags for cards, or worry about misplacing them.  Additionally, this security system is more secure than access card systems due to the systems ability to recognize a stranger attempting to sneak in. With access card security systems, there is the risk that a stranger may find or steal an employee’s access card,  and use it to gain entry into the building, but this risk is significantly reduced with PassFace.

You can rest assured that your building, employees, and important documents are safe with our PassFace security system! To learn more about this project, check out our detailed case study here.