Case Studies

Case Study: PassFace Security System

Akvelon created PassFace, a security system that scans employees’ faces to let them into the office building. This system is beneficial to office life because it cuts out the need for a security card, which is far more risky as they may be dropped, lost, or stolen, allowing non-employees to enter the building.

Business Need

PassFace also allows users to display custom welcome messages and office announcements at the entrance of the building.



Our team created additional hardware molecules to interact with an existing security system. They also created a recognition system with the recognition model that was trained to identify employee photos and in order for the system to interact with employees an android application was created. The main service interacts with the recognition service, nearby devices, and the android application and control interface was developed for configurations and the creation of a logging system.

Benefits and Results

This system adds convenience to the workplace because now employees do not have to worry about bringing their cards with them. The system also allows for non-sensitive messages to be displayed for all employees to see when they walk into the office increasing communication. The recognition system has top-of-the-line API which can also be used for different projects.

Technology Used

C#, Typescript, Python, CSS, HTML5, Java, .Net Core, Angular 7, Flask, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Android, MsSql, Elasticsearch, Docker, Git, C, Hardware (ESP8266)