Case Studies

Case Study: Big Data Solution for Telecom Company Case Study


The client is one of the largest wireless voice, messaging, and data service carriers in the USA.

Business need

In large enterprises, one of the most important tasks is to ensure consistently high levels of great customer experience in order to maximize customer return rate. This was a challenge being faced by Akvelon’s Client. In response to this challenge, the Client launched a new program that is designed to both improve customer support and deliver vital system health data to service engineers. It also improves customer experience and reduces average handle time. Akvelon quickly developed a solution, providing new levels of customer support to 10 million of the Client’s pay-as-you-go customers.


The customer’s phones are now shipped with Akvelon software which reports service status and issues to servers. These servers are also running Akvelon-developed services, which process the information received. When customers make a call to customer support, the representative has a clear picture of what is happening on the device.

The Client can also pass control of the phone to the representative. This allows the representative to change the phone’s settings directly, thus shortening problem resolution time and making the process effortless for the customer.

The Client’s engineering team now has a real-time dashboard, reflecting what major issues exist in the system, the percentage of customers affected, etc. This way, when something happens on the network, which affects customers locally or globally, the engineering team knows about it even before support calls come.

To address the customer’s business requirements, Akvelon used an iterative, rapid-development process to design and engineer a Cloud-based data collection and storage application capable of collecting data from up to 11 million mobile devices each day and storing that data in a high-availability non-relational database.

Upon initial release, the application was required to handle 500 transactions per second (TPS) with the capability to scale up to 1000 TPS.


After the solution was implemented and deployed, if there is a problem with the mobile device, instead of trying to provide information to the customer support, the end-user can simply pass data from their phone directly to customer support using the mobile application. Support is then able to see all detailed information needed which would help to resolve the issue. Here is a list of some of the meta-data which passes to customer support when the end-user calls in:
•List of running applications and their memory usage
•Battery level and temperature
•GPS/Bluetooth status
•Memory usage
•Screen brightness

If the problem is still unclear or it is difficult for the user to follow support’s instructions to fix it, the user can pass control over the phone to the Client’s representative. Now the engineer can apply all required changes and confirm that the problem is resolved.

Not only does this drastically improve the customer’s experience, but the Client also gets a unique opportunity to track the customer’s device health in real-time and analyze its condition. Significant statistical analysis can also be applied, which could lead to management changes. For example, if customers from one particular type of device complain more than average, it might be an ideal time to analyze the problem deeper and possibly file a complaint to the manufacturer.

Another benefit provided by the Akvelon software is an analysis of service quality based on geo-location. The data is reflected on a map, showing which areas are more impacted by poor service quality.