Case Studies

Case Study: CRM system mobile app


Our client is one of the biggest computer software and consumer electronics company in the world.


Business Need

  • Creating landing page for CRM system to improve User experience from integration.
  • Creating most recent pages with various features like save, modify, review latest navigated pages in application.
  • Improving and extending breadcrumbs in mobile application version to achieve the fast navigation on a previous steps in workflow.
  • Adding integration with Email to allow seamless work with one-window application approach.
  • Improve performance of Data Access Level on mobile part of application to reduce technical requirements for any mobile application.
  • Implement Offline and Flight mode for a few common workflows.
  • Improve stability and maintainability by providing manual and automated tests on various Android, Windows\Windows Phone Applications and IOS devices.


  • Provided numerous of pages on React\Redux to allow user work with most recent pages.
  • Provided endpoint for Email and CRM system web portal to work with most recent pages behavior.
  • Created numerous Selenium and Jasmin automated tests and created a few test plans for common workflows that is using as approval tests on release workflow.
  • Profiled and improved Data Access Layer especially with Offline mode that reduced to 30-40% of total amount of used memory.
  • Designed, architected and implemented  Offline and Flight mode for mobile version of application, integrated Offline mode to a few common workflows.
  • Fixed and investigated a numerous of OS-depended bugs on UI, Improved Windows, IOs and Android mobile applications to work with BarCodeScaner and added common integration to support any abilities that hardware side of device could have access to.



Benefits and Results

  • Provided new most recent pages feature on all supported mobile devices.
  • Added seamless integration with Email and CRM system web site.
  • Implemented and improved user experience with breadcrumbs.
  • Added common behavior to work with hardware abilities of device, integrated with BarCodeScaner.
  • Fixed a numerous bugs both on mobile and service sides that improved application quality.


Technology Used

React, JS, TS, Cordova, C#, ScriptShart