Case Studies

Case Study: App Center for Technology Company


Our client is one of the biggest computer software and consumer electronics company in the world.


Business Need

Acceleration work on AppCenter services development: support existing services, add new features, administrate cloud mac build agents, automate manual work.



  • Worked on Telemetry: created Go plugins for connection between Telegraf and Geneva; Created SDK on Ruby for connection with Geneva; Created NodeJs plugins for Geneva to be used inside of AppInsight.
  • Worked on Clusterfix: improved it on NodeJs and fixed bugs
  • Worked on App Center deployment: fixed and improved (on PowerShell) deploy mechanism for clusters and applications of App Center working with Service Fabric ; migrated certificates
  • Worked on Notification Hub: moved project from the old deploy mechanism (WARM) to the new one (EV2)
  • Adding new features, re-factored existing code, fixed bugs.
  • DevOps work:
    • As a part of App Center dev-ops engineering team we are administering cloud mac build agents that the company provides via its portal to it’s customers and internal teams. These are basically macOS virtual machines that are run on dedicated mac pros. Each customer build is run on a separate, clean virtual machine and no other user has access to it. Once the build is completed, the virtual machine is discarded and all files removed.



Benefits and Results

As a common effort of the company and Akvelon engineers we are constantly optimizing the process of macOS image build and delivery, install and update software supported on these machines and cover various test scenarios to ensure every new delivered macOS image is rock-solid. What took us days before now takes couple of hours thanks to our automation tools. Our work also includes gathering and diagnosing all sorts of telemetry from the virtual machines from analyzing logs when it’s being built to health and capacity monitoring of these machines in production build pools. In future we are going to provide several versions of macOS on our agents – for now in plans are Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.


Technology Used

Powershell, C#, Java, Android, Bash, VSTS, TypeScript, Node.js, .NET, Git, React, React Native, Mobx, Cordova, Objective C,MacOS, Docker, VMWare ecosystem (VSphere, ESXi, etc), Xserve, Mac Pros, MS Azure, MS MacCloud